Friday, 11 July 2008


This one was taken again near zennor, but the rock formations are very different! they have been formed by the wind and water,

Quite a dramatic picture taken from a long way up the coastal path near zennor

Well been without a computer for the past few days, but i can now say i have a faster runnning system the guy has added some update or other, and the fan that was overheating has now been done as well , it is really running so much quicker, can't believe how much you can miss a computer, so it has been good to be back blogging bit sad really when you could be doing so much more but the weather has been crap so doing things indoors has been the only option.

Still not feeling great finished antibiotics but still left with this dreadful cough please let us have some sun to make us all feel better! Our friends have been in gerona for a few days and i get texts saying it is 31 degrees still sitting outside at 10.30pm been on the beach today gee thanks who needs friends like this .
Weather should improve as the thequaksoflife is off on his holidays again next week he usually knows when to pick a good week it is uncanny how many times he gets it right have a good time anyway pete.


Pete said...

nice pics Jan

that 'puter couldn't have got any slower!!

avalon said...

slow what do you mean! it is really quick now i must admit glad it was done.
going to get out and take photos tomorrow weather permitting and cough permitting! c. u. soon have a good holiday

Tricia said...

Great pics of lovely views Jan.

Sorry the cough is still lingering on - some sunshine would help I'm sure.

Being without a computer is like... erm erm - to horrible to think about... (espcially when weather is bad!)

oldcrow61 said...

Wow, what interesting rock formations. Hope you feel better soon.