Thursday, 31 July 2008


Thought i would blog about the the lovely week i spent last week in that gorgous weather we had down here in cornwall with some photgraphs as well , BUT the new all singing dancing computer will not let me add images to my blog ARGH!! how annoying so i think it is back to the drawing board for the computer our friend who is was in I.T. had a look but had know idea as to why it will not let us link onto some sites really thought we had it sorted last week, computers are great when they are working correctly but a pain in the neck when they don't.

Will tell you about the concert we went to last friday at the eden project went to see K.T.Tunstall she was really good did some new stuff but a lot of things we recognised "black horse and the cherry tree" came across really well , she can really rock it out for such a small person played for 1 - 1/2 hrs, she came on at 9.30pm so it was almost dark and the biomes were lit up in different colours it is so beautiful , at christmas time they have little blue christmas trees lining the paths down to the biomes . She thought it was great" playing a gig in a large quarry" Got there two hrs before she came on so we could have a look around the tropical biome virtually had the place to ourselves as another band were playing outside so people were watching them, we have been a few times to eden and seen the biomes really growing with all the exhibits and plants it is such an unusual place well worth a visit when in cornwall although the entrance is now £15 per adult which is a bit steep i think
but you can spend most of the day there and for you photographers out there it would be your own little eden you will love it it is so diverse, obviously outside the seasons bring different things so whatever time you go there will always be something to see , we left 5mins before the end to miss the crush which is advisable because it can take ages to get out otherwise, had a great evening got home around 12midnight i was starving so had tea and some hot buttered toast the simple things are always the best!

Will do a catch up at some point when i can get some piccies up and running.


Tricia said...

So infuriating about your PC Avalon!! I know what you mean: A broken PC is like a broken car - great when they're going but a pile of metal when they're not!!

Sounds like fun in Eden! - somewhere on my "must visit" list!!

avalon said...

tricia: Well having another go at getting it working as we speak! fingers crossed. Yes you will love eden a brilliant place

oldcrow61 said...

Sounds like a wonderful spot. Looking forward to pictures.