Friday, 27 February 2009

A lovely day

Well sue arrived last night on time ,so we had a nice evening watching masterchef which we had taped. thought i was bad at crying but she beats me hands down , we both had a good cry when the winner was announced well done Matt!! oh what to watch now at 8.30pm week nights!.
Went out today for a beautiful lunch at St Mawes part of my birthday weekend which starts here, although the day is not until next week. Anyway we arrived for a lunch i had hand dived scallops with baby leeks and saffron followed by sea bass with small potatoes and kale with pancetta with just room for chocolate mousse and a passion fruit sorbet YUM!! it was mainly a fish menu apart from the confit of duck which sue had and was delicious. All washed down with a bottle of chablis. We then walked it off with a hour or so along to Anthonys head on the coastal path {we only remembered the camera after we had left home} it was a great day, we are now about to have some nibbles and fresh cornish cheese and i think maybe some bubbles to end a nice day.
Off for a girlie day in truro tomorrow shopping and lunch, sue does pull all the stops out when it comes to her "little ma" thankyou so much you make my time with you very special xx

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

My little town with it's traditions

BBC - Cornwall - Villages story Hurling at St Columb

The link tells you about another years event but the principle is the same every year.
This great tradition has not been stopped by the Health and Saftey brigade, although it is dangerous to participants and onlookers alike. As you can see everything is boarded up , to any passer by you would think we lived in a really dodgy area !! We got given the silver ball to hold the very first year we were here it is supposed to bring good luck. Good luck to everyone taking part be it Town or Country in 2009

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Home ! but for how long?

Sue taken at her 30th birthday like mother like daughter always got a glass in her hand !!

Had phone call yesterday afternoon from mum at the hospital to say that she was being sent home today !! without any warning and no phone call to me to let me know what was happening, as you can imagine mum was in a bit of a state not about the going home part but all the clothes and bits and pieces that she had accumulated over the past few months in there. Left messages with social worker no reply, so had to ring daughter sue again to see if she could get there in the evening to calm mum down a bit, which fortunately she did she is my life line i can tell you! so today i have been trying to get things in place like home help and such. Thought i would have a bit of rest bite for a couple of weeks but the old tummy is again in turmoil just wish sometimes that was someone to say its ok but at the end of the day it has to all be done. You think you are ok but it does take it's toll at times. Sue booked to come down next week for 5 days long before i got stuck in london so i am really looking forward to that she always has a knack of making me feel better.

The thought for the day
Drag your thoughts away from your troubles
by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Favourite songs and concerts

YouTube - Marc Cohn+Jackson Browne {1992}

I am so pleased i can now upload videos from the net, thanks to my own personal blogger help desk PETE !
Got to thinking of all the concerts i have been to over the years, Jackson browne being one of my all time best concerts ever been three times now he sings with such passion and feeling, whilst browsing i came across this with marc cohn who i have also seen, he litterally made me cry at the concert with a song called "things we handed down" i will try and find it at some point, but for now click on the link and listen ti "crazy love" a van morrison written song

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Little pearls of wisdom

After two weeks away from home i finally got back last wednesday, the extended stay did have it's benefits got to do more things with sue my daughter i am usually flitting from place to place when i am up so we had some good quality time together. Good news on mum she is progressing well and should be home very shortly, so i think i may have to go up again to finalise her coming home, but on the whole a successful trip. Even got to go to the cinema we saw "Slum dog millionaire" really impressed well worth a watch.
Whilst being at sues i got to reading a little book that she had been given as a present it was a small book of tranquillity, calm and Patience some beautiful quotes and little thoughts so we will be having a thought or two of the day whenever i post thought this one was quite apt after the weather we have been having
How calm , how beautiful comes on the still hour when storms have gone, when warring winds have died away And clouds beneath the dancing ray melt off and leave the land and sea sleeping in bright tranquillity. THOMAS MOORE
If speaking is silver then listening is gold. TURKISH PROVERB
It is who is in your life that matters not what is in your life

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy valentines day

This is one of my favourite tracks by the man not one of his own but written by ray charles i believe

YouTube - VAN MORRISON - I Can't Stop Loving You

Thursday, 5 February 2009

cabin fever

we i am still here for a few more days, think i am going home by train either sunday but probably monday, the snow should be clear by then. Weather here ok now very slushy and slippery, so i have been confined to barraks , jusy walked yesterday to the local shop, did the ironing and cleaning of the house got to earn my keep somehow. Feeling trapped a little now sue and hubby out to work all day so cabin fever is setting in

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


well i was due to be home in cornwall yesterday, getting a lift from my friends but here in dartford kent the snow came and kept coming we must have had at least a foot and a half if not more everything came to a standstill my daughter cannot get to work yesterday or today. we had a wonderful day yesterday met some of her friends and we went out for a snowball fight great fun and much laughter was had by all, i felt like 15 instead of 51 it was so funny, after that we slid down to the localpub for a most welcome pint of ale or two followed by in my case ham egg and chips, got home around 2.30 had a lovely cup of coffee with baileys and sat all curled upon the couch watching a film with sue and some cadburys mini eggs HEAVEN so being stuck has had its benefits. Not sure when i willget back at the moment my friends have left for cornwall but rang tony and he said it is really badathome sohe would not be able to pick me up from my friends house and as they live in quite a remote area i am not sure if they will get through to their house,so i am am well and truly stranded in dartford at the moment until i find another way to get home tony not keen to come at the weekend so will see about flights or trains back next week, trains seem to be a little bit hit and miss from the west country at the moment so hay ho i am here for now. going out to build my snowman soon in the garden lol!