Friday, 29 August 2008

Happy anniversary

Well it would have been my parents 55th anniversary today, if dad had lived, talking last night to mum she was saying that they honeymooned in ramsgate in a little b and b for a week, nowadays the bride and groom seem to want a fairytale wedding and get into thousands of pounds debt to do it, rant over!!
And the year my parents married was the queens coronation and that they watched it on her sisters tv as they did not have one of their own, and being a football fan as she is Stanley Matthews won the F A cup with blackpool i know where i get my love of football from! Thinking about my parents that they were only married for 30 yrs which is less than i have been married now, quite a sobering thought really. Mum was 28 then and dad 9yrs older, looking at their wedding photos they just look so much older then maybe it's the clothes or the black and white pictures. I expect our children think the same thing now. Happy anniversary wherever you are dad x

Thursday, 28 August 2008

My beautiful girls

Thought about my grandchilren alot today for some reason, probably because i have not seen them for ages Amy , Jess at the top Megan, Grace the bottom love them all to bits, just wish i could give them a cuddle a little more often. Amy is nearly 15 Jess 11 Grace 3 and Megan 1 all different in their own way but all very special to their" fat cat nanny"

wildlife story

Sahara the arctic hooded seal made news after being rescued twice when being in warm waters in morocco and then the Mediterranean he was flown to the seal sanctuary at gweek to recover he was then released again in orkney only to swim south instead of going to greenland so now he lives at gweek. They have now put in his pool an ice making machine which provides him with 1/2 ton of ice a day, apparently he did not like it at first but is slowly adjusting to his colder environment to read more go to the national seal sanctuary website.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Porthscatho to Towan beach

View taken on thecoastal path from towan beach to porthscatho

This shows how small the crops have grown this year, that is our rucksack in the foreground to give some perspective of size

Just a beautiful view with all the different colours of the sea

This was a cottage garden on the coastal path such hard work and care had gone into it it looked stunning

People messing about on their, it was the regatta the next day boats in the harbour

A good view of the harbour at porthscatho
We had a lovely day here took a walk up the coastal path to towan beach took us an hour load of butterflies flora and fauna so beautiful and peaceful it is one of my favourite places to go in cornwall, had a few spots of rain but it stopped by the time we reached our lunchoen destination the beach and the sun came out YAY! it was great having our packed lunch watching the sea headed back to the harbour for a drink where a band were playing so had a 1/2 there, luckily we were nearly back to the car as my walking shoe fell apart the sole came away from the bottom so walked like a demented duck with it flapping all over the place. Left home at 11am got home at 6.00pm ended our day with a bottle of wine in the garden great day!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Oh for some sunshine

Thought we would have a little sunshine i grew these last year you can see how much they grew it was great going into the garden in the morning and seeing them made the start of the day happy. Trying to grow herbs now but with not to much success oregano and bay doing well.

Penny pussy cat update, seems a lot better but still not there yet.
Took the two springers out yesterday to the local woods they loved it it was really muddy just right for shona she was covered, wish i had the camera both of them were filfy still nothing a little water does not shift. felt good afterwards glad i went was tempted not to go as the weather was not to good but the doggies enjoyed it.
Tony has four days off from tomorrow so maybe we can get out and about and do something this weekend, weather permitting of course, but as blogger angela says "you have to make the best of it whatever the weather" so we will take her advice and just get out .
Looks like another run tonight in the rain! got to think of the black trousers i can't fit into for my holiday to turkey note to self I WILL DO IT I WILL GET INTO THEM IN THREE WEEKS!!!
Well all have a good bank holiday expecting lots of photos from you all.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Penny Pussy Cat

This is penny or fat cat as my grandchildren call her she is now 14yrs old, this week she has looked old and very under the weather, not coming down at for her supper as she has done for the 13 yrs, and finding places indoors that are so different from her usual places, as much as it distresses her i think a trip to the vet is in order , it will be a job getting her in her cage with lots of spitting and claws out , it makes my tummy churn thinking about it. Bought her some cat milk today just to give her some liquid she loves that. They become part of the family don't they especially after 14yrs, will give it until tomorrow. Keep you posted.

Well did my second run last night, it poured with rain and was blowing a gale but we did it so out again on thursday, felt better for doing it today no aching legs last last time, think we did three miles.
Off to friends tonight for homemade curry , in return i am dog walking for the next couple of days as their daddy is busy building an extension, the dogs are the two springers that i have mentioned before, they are great fun they came on the run with us last night, shona just loves mud and she always seems to find some she was covered last night then shook herself and covered us all ,tail wagging of course love them to bits.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Another week comes around

Just loved the atmosphere of
this picture

Beautiful sunset taken on one evening from our house last year
The colours were wonderful

Well the computer is behaving at the moment so it may be staying after all.
Had a lovely relaxing evening last night it was nice dinner on our lap in front of the tv, watched Britain from above, all about east anglia, my home before coming to cornwall, evoked quite a few memories as a child going out for the day with my mum and dad when Harlow was all fields and having a picnic, it all seemed so far away from the east end where i grew up it was the countryside to me, i think it must have been around 1962/3 nice to think of happy days, sorry i digress, it was nice just to have a relaxing evening after the night before. Rounded off the evening with match of the day 2 perfect, my two fantasy football players did well Deco and Anellka so a good few points were earned my name has changed to the "Squaking Seagulls"

Looking out of my window at the moment and it is looking awful again, had some quite high winds as well and lots of rain, will we ever get some sun !

Sunday, 17 August 2008

A good weekend

Have been quite busy last few days, went on my first proper run on friday evening, found a new route not so hilly, did about 3 1/2 miles so i was quite pleased with that my muscles the next day were killing me but at least it is a start, only got three weeks until our holiday in istanbul got to get a little more weight off for that. The place we ran was called Goss Moor, the old a30 moterway is here so the runnung path is really good and flat lots of wildlife and butterflies and birds but also cow that seem to roam free very similar to the ponies on dartmoor quite strange seening them not fensed off.
Had friends around for dinner last night the bubbles flowed i did a really nice three coursr meal for six of us started off with antipasti and dips and olives, followed by chicken in a paprika sauce ,for pud it was cornish strawberries, blueberries soaked in orange liqour and clotted cream , had wolf blass shiraz, fetzer pino grigio all very nice, we are a mixed bunch of age groups but we all get on really well they are lovely company, they left around by the time we cleared up the womens marathon came on so we stupidly stayed up until watching that hay ho we did not have to get up early.
Today i went to see Mama Mia at the cinema , really enjoyed it, a good "chick flick" as they say we were singing the abba songs on the way home in the car

Well i will be without a computer yet again next week i think as it is still not working properly so will post at some point.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Cornish news

A most horrible smell greeted the visitors to the eden project whilst walking in the tropical dome this week, the most smelliest flower called the corpse flower gives off the aroma of rotting flesh, the flower stands at 7ft tall and comes from Sumartra, it only blooms for three days then wilts, it bloomed in january as well, after the guy in charge polenated the berries with a paintbrush inside the heads. Nobody will be trying of the berries as they are deadly to humans.
what a wonderful diverse world we live in!

Has anybody been watching the Lost land of the jaguar on bbc 1 it was the last one last night just a superb programme worth the tv licence alone well done the bbc, it brought the whole place alive for me the camera work was amazing at times, i think some good has come out of the programme as the Guyanese government are now saying they will not start logging the rainforest it will hopfully get carbon credits and financial help from other governments instead, the untouched world will remain untouched.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


The computer has finally been done and i can now have images again hooray so just making sure it works here goes
Watergate Bay on the north cornwall coast it is over a mile long when the tide is out , we go there quite often as it is only 5 miles away, all water sports are done here you can take lessons in surfing , kite surfing , kite buggying, anything that you can do on the water is here! We saw a pod of dolphins this year just off shore what a setting to see them it was perfect.