Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Updates and OOH Teddy

Aunty doreen has had her tests which seemed ok, but i found out last night from my cousin that she has pneumonia and some after effects of carbon monoxide poisoning which is still in her system from about a year and half ago can't believe it is still there, i urge anyone with older relations to purchase a detector for them. Anyway she was due home so we thought, but she had told the doctors that there would be someone looking after her at home as my cousins both work full time there is no way that they can be there so i am waiting to hear what is going on thought it was to good to be true. So i will be on tenterhooks when the phone rings
I am getting a lift up to kent tomorrow as i have meetings with mums hospital to see if she will be coming home next week, been trying to get things in place for when mum does get home she needs a telecare necklace which is an alarm in case of falls but they won't do that until she is home as she has to be taught how to use it, as i am not sure when she will be home so i cannot make any appointments with them to come and fit it! so i think i will be a busy little bee going from place to place this week!
Last week we went to exeter to see Teddy Thompson probably doesn't meen a lot to some of you out there , he is a bit folky, bit country ,bit rocky play his stuff quite a bit. thought we would leave around 1.30 to do a bit of shopping and have a meal out before the concert, bought a lovely new jacket electric blue tired of always wearing dark colours really pleased with it. shopping done we headed for a meal we did an early bird special in a ceoliac friendly resaurant two courses for £13.95 really nice i had leek and feta gallette with truffle oil, tony had beetroot and tomatoe soup followed by slow roasted blade of beef with garlic mash cor it was yummy! The concert was great got to stand right at the front three foot away from the stage oh yea the support act was Tifft Merrit american singer songwriter she was excellent Pete you would have loved her! Teddy was great did all my favourite songs and i managed to get the setlist as well! it was good to get out and forget the worries for a while. a perfect day

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Poor aunty Dot

Had a phone call from my cousin to say that my aunty doreen has been taken into hospital on sunday evening with swollen legs and could not breath properly, it was such a shock i only spoke to her the week before never said she was feeling bad. It sounds quite bad the hospital have got her breathing sorted out, but of course they would not say to much over the phone as the nurse said " i don't really know who i am talking to" which is fair enough. so my daughter is going in tonight to gage a little more information and to see how she is. Aunty has always been there for me and mum can't bare the thought of her not being around, been crying and worrying the past couple of days. I am booked to come up next week for a meeting with mums doctors so we will see if i can wait until then but if not maybe earlier! It is such a bad time at the moment what with mum and now aunty have to stay positive though.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

A little walk


Thought we would have a little walk today to try our new walking shoes which we purchased last week cost a fair bit but should be worth it our last pair lasted for 20 years!. Our little walk took us to watergate bay the sun was shining but the wind was so biting we did not stay to long, but we noticed that the sand had been washed away in many places leaving so many rocks and stones everywhere, in view of all the activities they have at the beach like kite buggying i doubt if they will be able to take place unless something is done to even out the beach.
We have both been under the weather this past week or so sore throats and colds so we just needed to get out for a while in the fresh air it certainly blew the cobwebs away! At least we have not got the full blown flu that some people have had touch wood

Hubby also bought some new BOSE speakers for the dining room they are quite small and fit on the wall so they don't look to obtrusive which was my compromise so we had a musical evening last night to test them out, we played david gray "white ladder" Pink floyd "dark side of the moon" and VAN THE MAN MORRISON " common one" the remastered version that sounded really great.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Family trees

Reading petes blog today about the 1911 census being released got me to thinking about my family roots, we have done quite an extensive search on my maternal and paternal sides of the family. anyway in happens to be that my nans side originated in Callington cornwall and also from essex
Now i have lived most of my life in essex and now cornwall without knowing any connections to these places so my theory is :-
1: are our lives mapped out for us even though we don't know it, is it an inbiult sub-conscious we have that draws us to these places?
2: We have already lived before and are acting out the same life in different times?
3: Or is it just fate?

I can hear you PETE chattering and laughing "load of old rubbish" but who knows for sure nobody?!!
Oh yes and we do have a ghost who resides with us here is it one of my long departed ancestors must be said she seems quite friendly!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Padstow Harbour

Padstow harbour was frozen over today due to the freezing temeratures. go to "sites i visit" to see the photgraph. So the sea froze over !!
The temperature coming home from shopping at 5.30pm was ~4degrees brrr baby it's cold outside! off for a nice hot chocolate now, hope you all keep warm tonight

Monday, 5 January 2009

Cornish news

South west water are considering a trial to see if water quality can be improved ay Roadford reservoir devon/cornwall border by introducing beavers. Apparently their dams trap silt and act as a natural filter and as the beavers work 24hrs a day it is a sustainable source of clean water. The down side to this beavers do great damage to trees one source said that tree canopies will be reduced but any fallen trees would encourage new saplings to grow, and will be a much better wildlife environment when we have beavers around.. A spokesman for south west water said" If we don't do this we face more investment in concrete and chemicals as well as energy to provide clean water over the next 30 to 50 years" Well this has got to be a better solution than any chemicals surely?
Beavers were hunted to extinction in england and wales during the 12th century and disappeared from the rest of the country over 4ooyrs later. They were hunted for their fur and throat glands, which were said to have medicinal properties. Thankfully that has stopped now! Each creature has a useful part to play in nature in my opinion.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Reflections of 2008

Taken from our house a view of town and church when the snow was falling

My word another year gone already.

Good things, bad things happy things and sad all happened in one year, probably all these things happened to all of you in one form or another, but here are some of mine.

March: i was finally told i could have my eyes operated on after so many years of being told they were not operable i can tell you it was the most amazing thing for me to be able to see things so well , just to see things that other people take for granted truly wonderful.

May: My holiday to new york i finally got there after a year in the waiting, it was great and well worth the wait

Bought our first digital camera!

June: My best friends daughter gave birth to a son, it is wonderful to see him grow he is so gorgeous such a happy little boy.

Had my other eye op done what a difference that made as i could never see to much from that eye hey i can now !!

Started my blog , still really enjoying it

September: Another holiday to turkey, it was great to get some sunshine.

October: Our youngest daughters 30th birthday, great fun was had by everyone at her party where we were all dressed as her or what reminded us of her.

Went for a long weekend to dorset, such a beautiful county most impressed.

Not all things were so good but i guess you have to have some bad things happen to make the good things even more special.

Most worrying thing has been mum who is still in hospital but how will she manage when she does finally come home, such a dilema for me. an ongoing thing for this year.

It has been wonderful seeing my grandaughters growing up they are all special and give me great pleasure.

And all my friends old and new who each in their way have made this year special

And thanks to all you bloggers out there for sharing so many thoughts and photographs

Lets hope 2008 is a happy and healthy one and may all our hopes and dreams come true