Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Updates and OOH Teddy

Aunty doreen has had her tests which seemed ok, but i found out last night from my cousin that she has pneumonia and some after effects of carbon monoxide poisoning which is still in her system from about a year and half ago can't believe it is still there, i urge anyone with older relations to purchase a detector for them. Anyway she was due home so we thought, but she had told the doctors that there would be someone looking after her at home as my cousins both work full time there is no way that they can be there so i am waiting to hear what is going on thought it was to good to be true. So i will be on tenterhooks when the phone rings
I am getting a lift up to kent tomorrow as i have meetings with mums hospital to see if she will be coming home next week, been trying to get things in place for when mum does get home she needs a telecare necklace which is an alarm in case of falls but they won't do that until she is home as she has to be taught how to use it, as i am not sure when she will be home so i cannot make any appointments with them to come and fit it! so i think i will be a busy little bee going from place to place this week!
Last week we went to exeter to see Teddy Thompson probably doesn't meen a lot to some of you out there , he is a bit folky, bit country ,bit rocky play his stuff quite a bit. thought we would leave around 1.30 to do a bit of shopping and have a meal out before the concert, bought a lovely new jacket electric blue tired of always wearing dark colours really pleased with it. shopping done we headed for a meal we did an early bird special in a ceoliac friendly resaurant two courses for £13.95 really nice i had leek and feta gallette with truffle oil, tony had beetroot and tomatoe soup followed by slow roasted blade of beef with garlic mash cor it was yummy! The concert was great got to stand right at the front three foot away from the stage oh yea the support act was Tifft Merrit american singer songwriter she was excellent Pete you would have loved her! Teddy was great did all my favourite songs and i managed to get the setlist as well! it was good to get out and forget the worries for a while. a perfect day


Tricia said...

J - you seem to have more than your fair share of worry recently. I do hope you have a successful hospital visit this week and get everything sorted for you Mum's return home.

(My mother's got an "alarm necklace" and it does give her piece of mind).

Your evening out sounds good therapy for you and I shouldn't have read what you had to eat whilst feeling hungry and waiting for supper to cook!! Droooool!.

avalon said...

tricia, thankyou for your thoughts, pleased to hear that the necklace is a piece of mind for your mum, hope my mum feels the same. sorry about the menu lol it was delicious though.

oldcrow61 said...

Hope you soon get things sorted with your mum. Sounds like you had a great evening at the concert.