Friday, 10 October 2008

lazy days of summer

Anyone for a fresh tomatoe? the roads were laden with these little stalls all selling their fresh produce, the tomatoes were so sweet and juicy, and fresh watermelons

Views from the hotel and beyond it was very fertile i was expecting it to be dry and brown in the surrounding countryside but far from it.

As promised i will leave you with this image, me in our fabulous hotel in assos, it was such a lovely relaxing place. My afternoon tea was served just after this was taken pure luxury!! Can i please go again soon!

Well i may blog next week if not see you soon.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Surprise Surprise

It will be our daughters 30th birthday on tuesday Oh no my baby how old do i feel now !! anyway she is having a party on saturday the theme is we all have to come as her { those who know sue this will come as no surprise she has always been outgoing and bubbly} we have not told her we are going so it has been mad text messages to her friend to see if we can have a bed for the night, arranging things we will arive in the afternoon so i can give her a hand with things, reallt looking forward to it can,t wait to see her face. Had a text tonight from sue it said " getting really excited about my party but it won't be the same without my little ma and pa" little does she know he he!
I am going to stay up for the week after to see mum and grandchildren and our eldest daughter that will be nice especially after i had to cancel the last trip.

Monday, 6 October 2008


Spent most of the weekend on the computer, not blogging! but tracing family trees both tony and i really got caught up in it all spent absolutely ages the time just flew, did not get our lunch until 3.00pm on saturday, but a very good outcome on both, got mine down to the great grandparents, found out that great grandad came to england after what we presume as being persecuted in france in the middle to late 1800s , so leads me onto finding out a little more maybe going into the french records, they also changed their surname so it was quite difficult to trace but got there in the end! it is so captivating. Tony has done remarkably better and getting his back to 1735 he has letters that were his grannys written by her brother in Kansas in 1914 which gave more details of births and more names we could then follow up. As you find some things out a whole new chapter begins ? Even got my mum involved and have told her to write everything down that she can remember so i can do more digging. A very constructive time spent together, i can recommend it for others to try i am loving it !!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Holiday part 2

Inside the Blue Mosque the pictures do not do it justice it is such a vivid blue on the stained glass especially with the sunshine pouring in.


The first picture is of the train station amazing building in the evening people rush off the
ferry and all make a mad dash to the station to carry on their journey by train.

On our first day in istanbul we took a ferry from the western side to the eastern side

you can see The Blue mosque and Hagia Shophia, both such wonderful buildings even

from a distance they stand out. The Blue mosque being my personal favourite i find it

a very tranquil place to be , it seemed even more atmospheric when we were there as

ramadan was then taking place and there was a person chanting out prayers in the mosque

itself i am not a relgious person but here i felt totally at peace for the time i was in there.

It is such a beautiful city to visit very diverse in culture and architecture and the people are
so welcoming

This was a little snippet, what i want to try and do is get some sort of order to where and what day we went to the various places so a little more research is needed on my part.

Still here

As you can see i am now not in london after all! It could only happen to me, whilst having a great weekend with my friends dogs had a beautiful walk on saturday from hawkers bay to padstow three hours all in all {no piccies] had enough trouble trying to keep dexter from saying hello to everyone on the beach also he loves his frizbee so we were kept busy exhausted would be another word lol, then sunday went to our small local woods there were so many leaves that had dropped which had covered the ground and i stupidly fell and twisted my ankle on a tree root Tony said" one minute you were behind me the next you were on the floor in a heap" end of walk ! it blew up like a balloon and my foot the next day, doctor said it is not broken but badly twisted the tendens, so i am hobbling around at the moment, thought it stupid to even attempt the plane ride, really upset and of course had to break it to mum that i could not make it, think i will now go next weekend as it is our daughters 30th birthday then stay up the week after that is if nothing else happens to me!!! Good news i can now get some holiday pictures up of turkey.