Friday, 31 July 2009

Sights of Yalikavak/ part one

It seems so long since my holiday in turkey!
The hotel was about a mile or so from the main town and its beautiful harbour , there was so much too see along the way. The windmill was the meeting place for many people including us, it is a great landmark, very effective in the way it has been done.

Again along the harbour was this statue, carved and chiseled out of stone, everywhere was kept immaculately clean and litter free

I could say this was our boat for the week but i may be fibbing, the speed at which it was getting was amazing cost a pretty penny i would imagine (i can dream)!!!

Again walking from the hotel down to the harbour. There is something hypnotic about the mosques when they are calling people into prayer, the sound can be heard from a good distance, seems such a contrast to the hustle and bustle of the tourist places that are around.

This one was taken from our hotel looking the other way from the harbour, as you can see the mosque lays amongst the hill and stands out, again the contrast is amazing the mosque looking down on the tourists down below.

Thought i would do this in separate posts. I must admit the holiday was also so different on different days so it makes sense to separate them. On the beach days we all at about 5 oclock would have a sut misir, which translated in english means sweet corn on the cobs but they are cooked in milk and water they were absolutely delicious served hot from the great big cooker , we ate them as we walked up the hill to the car, lips and mouth covered in it yummy i can just taste it now!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Fixing a hole and wishing i was somewhere else!

Well today there was a great big hole where my roof used to be! GULP, all the tiles off crashing banging and the cat going loopy, what a day, asked if they wanted a drink? workmen drink of course they did . two coffees two sugars, one tea SIX sugars, i thought he was having me on but no that is what he took! They took until around 3pm then the heavens opened i began to panic but they had just covered the whole of the roof with tarpaulin whew !!! Got a day off tomorrow as the rain will be appalling down here in cornwall so they can't work.
Got to thinking i really want to be somewhere else at the moment!!
These were taken in turkey in july when the weather was 37degreees and sunny all day.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

View from a foreign window

Just a few views from our holiday in turkey, i have to admit that these were taken by hubby, he commandeered the camera for the whole of the holiday!!

I thought the three here should stand on their own as they were briiliant.

Taken from the hotel room at the moonlight shimmerimg on the sea.

This is of a beautiful sunset where our daughter was staying high in the hills of Yalikavak the views were stunning

This was taken i am informed at around when hubby went to open the window
of our hotel room. A liitle dark as you can see but beautiful none the less with the moon shining on the sea and the hills in the background.

The holiday was really lovely and relaxing for all of us i think we all needed to recharge the batteries after a very difficult few months. Will get some more piccies uploaded soon so you can see how beautiful it all was.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Foye/ watergate bay

Taken on a walk from Mawgan Porth to Watergate bay

Foye harbour, Polruan on the other side of the harbour

Really pleased with this one. Yacht in Foye harbour

Same yacht different angle

Thought i would leave you all with a few shots of cornwall before i set off on holiday tomorrow to turkey, off to pack now can't wait to see daughter and son-in-law . Although the flight is at stupid o'clock tomorrow shan't arrive until 03.40 turkish time, just want to be there now. Think of me on the beach with cocktail in hand and the warm sea just in front of me AHH