Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Cornish news/ habitat destroyed

Heard on the tv last night about this could not believe it was so close to home on my doorstep in fact! All that hard work destroyed by a few mindless people! Lets hope the birds will return at some point soon.

Friday, 27 March 2009

20 years ago the disaster

Saw a programme last night called Oil Spill- the exxon valdez disaster it was a programme that made you think afterwards, it did interviews with people that are still there 20 years after the event and how their lives are still being affected really sad even now. One fisherman still collects oil from the seashore today. The footage of the wildlife was really distressing made me cry all the sea birds and otters and the fish of course. One fact that stuck in my brain was 50 MILLION gallons of oil were being carried on the tanker that fateful day , that is just beyond comprehension!! The captain left his post to go to his quarters and left the 3rd mate who was inexperienced to navigate the change of direction into another shipping lane, the tanker takes 3miles to stop so it was to late to avoid the rocks and she went aground, which ripped oped one side where all the oil was. the captain said in his sos "we are aground will be here for a while and we are leaking a little oil" !!!! my god what an understatement that was
Twenty years on have we learned anything about distroying our planet i think maybe a little but we are still a long way off. As i say it affected me a lot so felt the need to share it.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Hitch the Chaffinch

Sorry pictures not too clear, but this is our friendly chaffinch If it is not i'm sure Pete will let us know! This little bird comes around every year for the past three years ,chirps away quite happily then BANG he decides the window looks inviting and proceeds to fly head first or should i say beak first into the window over and over again he starts around 5.30am at the kitchen window where the bird table is and we do not have any curtains to pull there. all our front curtains are drawn at night so as soon as we are up he starts at the front windows, he is on the go until dusk!! when the windows are open i am scared he will get in as he did last year, quite strange behaviour, but we think it may be a territorial thing. Spring would not be the same without old hitch {named after Alfred Hithcock} in case you are wondering!

Well had bad day yesterday had the dentist in the afternoon, to be honest it was not that bad the guy was very nice and put me at my ease, he could see i was very nervous, the shaking may have given it away i think LOL upshot is nothing to bad to be done just a couple of things but he said we will do it gradually thank goodness. Job centre earlier in the day, found out that i cannot claim any job seekers allowance so i signed off again, that was a waste of time filling all those endless forms in, still have to try these things! sent away for another couple of job application forms. Maybe not a good time to look anyway as i have a few things lined up in april and may, going up to london for mum end of april, then middle may i am off to bude to look after my friends three lassie dogs for a week while they are away at their sons wedding, should be a nice little break and a change of scenery it is beautiful in bude, quite looking forward to that. We are off there on saturday to spend the night and have a lovely meal knowing terry it will be delicious, be nice to be cooked for.
Started my running again and it seems to be working lost two pounds last week, when i am running i tell myself "thats another glass of wine you can drink" my goal is to lose a stone. It is an effort to actually get out and run but once i am there i quite enjoy trying to beat my last time.

Our thought of the day:
Life is a challenge meet it
Life is a song sing it
Life is a dream realise it
LIFE is a game play it
Life is love enjoy it

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Polzeath to Daymar Bay

Well i had a day of two parts yesterday. First half not good, had interviews at the job centre it was not that bad really, the lady was quite helpful and a very nice person, i think i will get my national insurance paid for but will have to be on the job seekers thing me jig, so have to sign in every two weeks, and actively seek employment, so job application sent off today to work in newquay zoo as a gift aid assistant 25hours a week that will be a shock to the system if i get it!!
Next stop dentist to register for a check up had a major panic attack just walking in there, filled the form and it said "do you get anxious about visiting the dentist" i put yes extremely! so it will be a lovely wednesday next week the job centre and dentist OH JOY!! PANIC
Any way bad stuff done with , we had some lunch in the garden then went for a little walk on the coastal path to Polzeath to Daymar bay, really lovely afternoon the sea mist was over the bay but on the path it was beautiful takes about 40 minutes each way so it was just about the right distance for an afternoon stroll passing through fishing cove field on the way, reached daymar with the intention of going on the beach but saw 8 extremely large dogs seemed like a group of some sort, tony being petrified of dogs we thought better of it!

As you can see the fence is
coming away from the ground
some work needed before the
summer starts

Looking back at polzeath
from the coastal path

Liked this one, it is a guy taking
photographs of the surf
he looks a little isolated on the rock

This is my new house (i wish)
loved the shape of the top windows
it was overlooking the sea too!

From a distance this rock looked like
a splattered frog!

Well i am off to london tomorrow to give mum a surprise for mothers day, a few things need doing at her house so tony will be busy on saturday while i take mum out for lunch. It will be good to see her face when we arrive.

Thought of the day:Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death
can erase our good deeds. BUDDHA

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

St Patricks Day Part Two

Sorry just could not let the day pass without my all time favourite van morrison song
I know i am a sentimental fool BUT i love this song sooo much
YouTube - VAN MORRISON - Have I Told You Lately? - Live In London: ""

I have now lost count of how many times i have seen the great man in concert, i think it must be nearly 20 YES really!! over a twenty year period

Happy St Patricks Day

As it is St Patricks day thought this was appropiate. I have seen this guy three times in concert before, a memorable one was at the Jazz Cafe in london we had a front row table on the balcony, his voice is quite breathtaking at times so pure and powerful i am a great fan.

Brian Kennedy - Life, Love & Happiness - NMETV Latest Music Videos and Clips

Thursday, 12 March 2009

A few changes needed

Well had some news that the company we work for is going on a short week, [they are a building company] it does not affect me to much as i only go in for a few hours a week, but hubby will be only doing one or two days per week, we saw it coming but were hoping that it would not be so soon. They are talking of maybe returning to full time after a few months if things pick up, but i think they are being a little optimistic.
So adjustments will have to be made don't get me wrong we are not on the breadline yet thankfully, unlike so many people! maybe now the weather is getting better we may be able to get out a little more during the day and explore places we haven't been to. just hope we don't kill one another by the end of it LOL

Thought of the day:
It is a beautiful world despite all it throws at us.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

unconditional love





my two favourite doggies
dexter front shona on couch


My two favourite dogs who i look after they are so affectionate
always there to greet me loads of cuddles were given on my part
They will not start eating their dinner until you give the command
"GO ON " if you didn't know this they would be waiting forever to eat
bless them!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Pony adopts sheep

cornish nature loved this little story about the little pony adopting the lamb so sweet. Just click on the news section on the left side bar.

And our little thoughts for the day
as it was blowing a gale and teamimg down last night this was quite appropriate

It is the same moon that is reflected in the puddles
as it is in the fountains.

Life is filled with little detours, the secret is to enjoy the scenery

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play,
than you can in an year of conversation. PLATO

Saturday, 7 March 2009

check this out

Saw this on bbc news this morning, thought it was quite unusual and fascinating please read all the information that goes with it. You just need to click on the country you want to view to see the statistics it is well worth a visit. We can all do a little towards global warming!

Friday, 6 March 2009

Deliveries and James Taylor

Well i am having to wait in this morning for a new washing machine as my old one gave up the ghost! Three things went at once in the house , the kettle which tony dropped in the sink { he would have been in more trouble if he had cracked my new sink} the microwave and the afore mentioned washing machine. Delivery should be AM but we will see.
I am also looking after my friends dogs this weekend been up there this morning and greeted with such love will be up there four times during the day and walkies of course! it is nice because i go at their dinner time at 5.3o and stay until around 6.30 and have a cuddle on the couch with them, gives me some relaxation time it is quite calming giving them strokes and cuddles, i put the tv on nice cup of coffee in hand ah bliss!
As a present for my birthday i had tickets to go and see James Taylor so my favourite james song is:
YouTube - James Taylor - You've Got a Friend (Beacon Theatre 1998): ""
The words of this song are brilliant

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Another year older!

As it is my birthday thought i would indulge in one
of my favourite places in cornwall.
These were taken a couple of weeks ago
The view is wonderful from the coastal path


Our little thoughts of the day:

Cherish your dreams, for if your dreams die
life becomes like a wingless bird

True friendships continue to grow regardless
of distance or obstacles

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Birthday weekend part three

If birthdays can be like this i really don't mind how old i am LOL and it is not even the day yet.
Had a great day shopping and having a lovely pizza lunch yesterday, bought some new clothes very pleased with them, the morning started quite gingerly as sue and i both were still feeling the effects of the night before but by lunch time we were fine only fresh orange juice for me at lunch. Got home around 3.30pm to get ready for the evening as people were coming for drinks and nibbles at eight. Had my own personal hairdresser and make - up person to hand {thanks sue} had a fab evening everyone had a good time i think, got to bed around 1.30am it was a good night.
Today we went for a long walk on perrenporth beach to blow the cobwebs away, beautifully sunny all be it a little blowy, we walked for two hours , our legs were killing us afterwards but really nice.
Just about to have dinner now ooh more wine LOL . Birthdays are fun !