Friday, 6 March 2009

Deliveries and James Taylor

Well i am having to wait in this morning for a new washing machine as my old one gave up the ghost! Three things went at once in the house , the kettle which tony dropped in the sink { he would have been in more trouble if he had cracked my new sink} the microwave and the afore mentioned washing machine. Delivery should be AM but we will see.
I am also looking after my friends dogs this weekend been up there this morning and greeted with such love will be up there four times during the day and walkies of course! it is nice because i go at their dinner time at 5.3o and stay until around 6.30 and have a cuddle on the couch with them, gives me some relaxation time it is quite calming giving them strokes and cuddles, i put the tv on nice cup of coffee in hand ah bliss!
As a present for my birthday i had tickets to go and see James Taylor so my favourite james song is:
YouTube - James Taylor - You've Got a Friend (Beacon Theatre 1998): ""
The words of this song are brilliant


oldcrow61 said...

Great song isn't it! Sounds like you're having fun with the dogs.

Tricia said...

Hope you got your delivery OK and on time J!

I applaud your musical taste :D A friend gave me his "I've got friend" CD recently and yes, the song's words are brilliant.

.. and pets are very therapeutic...

avalon said...

oc; love that song, my little friends have now been fed and walked and cuddled

tricia; my delivery came a new machine yay! the song is beautiful i love it!