Friday, 27 March 2009

20 years ago the disaster

Saw a programme last night called Oil Spill- the exxon valdez disaster it was a programme that made you think afterwards, it did interviews with people that are still there 20 years after the event and how their lives are still being affected really sad even now. One fisherman still collects oil from the seashore today. The footage of the wildlife was really distressing made me cry all the sea birds and otters and the fish of course. One fact that stuck in my brain was 50 MILLION gallons of oil were being carried on the tanker that fateful day , that is just beyond comprehension!! The captain left his post to go to his quarters and left the 3rd mate who was inexperienced to navigate the change of direction into another shipping lane, the tanker takes 3miles to stop so it was to late to avoid the rocks and she went aground, which ripped oped one side where all the oil was. the captain said in his sos "we are aground will be here for a while and we are leaking a little oil" !!!! my god what an understatement that was
Twenty years on have we learned anything about distroying our planet i think maybe a little but we are still a long way off. As i say it affected me a lot so felt the need to share it.


Jan said...

I didn't watch it for the reasons you state about how upsetting it all was. I can't watch anything nowadays that shows wildlife suffering.

Tricia said...

It was a horrendous happening. I just hope upon hope that we never see the like of this again!

And like you, Avalon, I find it upsetting even after all this time.

Anonymous said...

Wildlife suffering tears me up. I remember seeing the pictures after that spill.

avalon said...

Leazwell: Thankyou for stopping by. In the US the coverage must have been none stop news that year.