Thursday, 19 March 2009

Polzeath to Daymar Bay

Well i had a day of two parts yesterday. First half not good, had interviews at the job centre it was not that bad really, the lady was quite helpful and a very nice person, i think i will get my national insurance paid for but will have to be on the job seekers thing me jig, so have to sign in every two weeks, and actively seek employment, so job application sent off today to work in newquay zoo as a gift aid assistant 25hours a week that will be a shock to the system if i get it!!
Next stop dentist to register for a check up had a major panic attack just walking in there, filled the form and it said "do you get anxious about visiting the dentist" i put yes extremely! so it will be a lovely wednesday next week the job centre and dentist OH JOY!! PANIC
Any way bad stuff done with , we had some lunch in the garden then went for a little walk on the coastal path to Polzeath to Daymar bay, really lovely afternoon the sea mist was over the bay but on the path it was beautiful takes about 40 minutes each way so it was just about the right distance for an afternoon stroll passing through fishing cove field on the way, reached daymar with the intention of going on the beach but saw 8 extremely large dogs seemed like a group of some sort, tony being petrified of dogs we thought better of it!

As you can see the fence is
coming away from the ground
some work needed before the
summer starts

Looking back at polzeath
from the coastal path

Liked this one, it is a guy taking
photographs of the surf
he looks a little isolated on the rock

This is my new house (i wish)
loved the shape of the top windows
it was overlooking the sea too!

From a distance this rock looked like
a splattered frog!

Well i am off to london tomorrow to give mum a surprise for mothers day, a few things need doing at her house so tony will be busy on saturday while i take mum out for lunch. It will be good to see her face when we arrive.

Thought of the day:Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death
can erase our good deeds. BUDDHA


Tricia said...

Ooh sounds a lovely walk J - Daymar Bay's lovely!!

and your Mum's in for a great surprise by the sounds of it - nice one :D

oldcrow61 said...

I can relate to how you feel about going to the dentist. I get extremely nervous about that. Good luck with getting the job. Once again, a very good thought for the day.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your walk. The houses in that area certainly are lovely - facing south and with a view of the estuary. It's nice to dream, isn't it!

Good luck with the job seeking.

avalon said...

Thanks all let you know about the dentist and job!