Thursday, 26 March 2009

Hitch the Chaffinch

Sorry pictures not too clear, but this is our friendly chaffinch If it is not i'm sure Pete will let us know! This little bird comes around every year for the past three years ,chirps away quite happily then BANG he decides the window looks inviting and proceeds to fly head first or should i say beak first into the window over and over again he starts around 5.30am at the kitchen window where the bird table is and we do not have any curtains to pull there. all our front curtains are drawn at night so as soon as we are up he starts at the front windows, he is on the go until dusk!! when the windows are open i am scared he will get in as he did last year, quite strange behaviour, but we think it may be a territorial thing. Spring would not be the same without old hitch {named after Alfred Hithcock} in case you are wondering!

Well had bad day yesterday had the dentist in the afternoon, to be honest it was not that bad the guy was very nice and put me at my ease, he could see i was very nervous, the shaking may have given it away i think LOL upshot is nothing to bad to be done just a couple of things but he said we will do it gradually thank goodness. Job centre earlier in the day, found out that i cannot claim any job seekers allowance so i signed off again, that was a waste of time filling all those endless forms in, still have to try these things! sent away for another couple of job application forms. Maybe not a good time to look anyway as i have a few things lined up in april and may, going up to london for mum end of april, then middle may i am off to bude to look after my friends three lassie dogs for a week while they are away at their sons wedding, should be a nice little break and a change of scenery it is beautiful in bude, quite looking forward to that. We are off there on saturday to spend the night and have a lovely meal knowing terry it will be delicious, be nice to be cooked for.
Started my running again and it seems to be working lost two pounds last week, when i am running i tell myself "thats another glass of wine you can drink" my goal is to lose a stone. It is an effort to actually get out and run but once i am there i quite enjoy trying to beat my last time.

Our thought of the day:
Life is a challenge meet it
Life is a song sing it
Life is a dream realise it
LIFE is a game play it
Life is love enjoy it


Pete said...

he sees his own reflection. its a male macho thing

oldcrow61 said...

Good heavens, you mean the bird actually keeps flying into your windows? It's a wonder he hasn't killed himself. I know how you feel about the dentist, I quake and shake as well. I feel a bit of a fool at my age but just can't help it, lol.

Tricia said...

I dread the dentist every time I go which seems to be more often these days! Sounds as though you've got some good trips planned; hopefully will take your mind off the less pleasant things :D

avalon said...

Thanks all glad i am not the only one who feels like this about the dentis stupid really LOL
OC: Yep he actually does fly for the windows he is out here at the moment banging away as usual!

Omi said...

That bird must drive your cat potty! I'll join you in the shakes over the dentist. I think it's because the inside of your mouth is such a vulnerable place, and well, what if he slips, or gets the hiccoughs or something while he's drilling. Anyway, now I've comforted you, may I ask how the diet's going? I want to lose a stone too, would be good to have a diet buddy!

avalon said...

Omi: Thanks for that i think LOL about the dentist!! Penny does get angry about hitch we now have hitch and wife!! Well diet went to pot the last month or two, but have taken up running again which certainly helps along with dieting, have also got a little wheel thingy that tones the target is to lose a stone this year!! Keep you posted