Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Bournemouth concert and trip away

Our day began around 10am, we were planning an earlier start but due to our friends inviting us out the night before and two bottles of wine later, decided to leave a little later!!

Coffee in the flask sandwiches made we set off. The journey took longer than anticipated took over three hours, the traffic was really bad, and it didn't help getting lost in bournemouth LOL. We reached our hotel around 1.30pm unpacked then went for a nice dip in the swimming pool, spent the next hour unwinding by the pool.

Seemed like we were wasting the short time we had in bournemouth so off we headed for the sea front, our hotel was way up the cliff great view when we reached the path down of the pier and seafront, did not seem that far so walked all the way along and had a lovely ice cream.

Seemed like i had stepped back 40 years with the pier, candy floss and the smell of donuts all around, it was just like the holidays that i went on as a child with mum and dad. The sun had brought everyone out to bournemouth that day. Had a walk on the pier then headed inland and got a little lost again LOL we were trying to find the winter gardens but somehow missed them found the lower gardens instead.

The time was getting on so we decided on an early dinner found a lovely italian place where i had a stonebaked pizza with parma ham Mmm delicious,Tony had a steak as he is now not allowed pizza (he is ceoliac) nice glass of pino grigio to help it along. Brought us to around 6.00pm, headed back to the hotel for a shower before the concert.

Our concert venue was only 5 mins away, got to our seats and the main man arrived on stage at 8.00pm he was brilliant did some new material but did so many old songs that the crowd were singing along to including me (luckily i was being drowned out). he did the first hour or so then we had 1/2 break he came back on and played until 10.45pm so i think we had our monies worth. His voice may be a little deeper but my god can he still sing. Excellent concert !!
On leaving the concert hall i was not ready to retire to the hotel i had spotted a cocktail bar earlier in the day so we headed for that, all the lights were on on the pier as we sat sipping a pina- colada , well me anyway tony had a glass of red. Another little walk and we found a little bar still open with seats outside i am making the most of my night away so another glass of wine was had before i went to bed at the hotel. A good day.
Day two not so good weather had changed for the worse very overcast but still warm, so after breakfast decided to head for town again, my god i did some walking in the two days i was there thought cornwall was hilly but it has nothing on bournemouth!!! both feeling a bit jaded we sat for a coffee whilst a young man was playing an obo very relaxing. Tony decided he wanted to make a move so we picked the car up and headed to poole but guess what we got lost again, the air was blue by this point as you can imagine, we never did make it so we headed for the A35 instead and homeward bound we came, bit of a shame really but i did have a good concert which was the main reason for going, and a night away with no cooking YAY !!!

The little beach huts all so well kept and most being used

This was how crowded the beach really was. Everyone enjoying
the day out in the sun

The end of the pier, a real old fashioned one. No i didn't go on it!!

Taken from the cliff top near our hotel the walk was a lot further than it looked must have been a mile or so. Lovely view though! And it was a glorious day

These were taken in the lower gardens the plants in the background were very unusual i thought, almost like palm trees.

This was the our getting lost point you could see it from a long way off, we just headed downwards most of the time. No i didn't go on this either!!! i probably would have done if there had been more time. ( thats my story anyway)

The terraced lower gardens were very pretty so many different plants and flowers. The upper gardens were much the same, very well maintained.

Friday, 26 June 2009

A little friend

Thought this little squirrel was quite cute, it has been visiting our bird table over the past few weeks, i know they can do so much damage in the gardens but i have not got the heart to frighten it away, it will always be a welcome visitor to my garden.
Well i am away for the night tomorrow having my belated birthday present, tickets to see James Taylor in bournemouth, the things were booked in February but we only got the tickets on tuesday, so has not left to much time to book anything most places were booked for the saturday night managed to find one though, so off we go tomorrow early to make the most of the day, then back sunday evening.
Even more good news we are off to turkey next week to meet up with daughter ,son in law and his parents in bodrum for a week, the weather there we were informed by daughter that it is 38degrees hot hot hot !!! our hotel looks good right on the sea, so a few dips in the sea will be called for i think, getting the sun factor 30 as well to cover up with. Will be nice to catch up with sues in laws they are lovely

Hope my concert was worth waiting for? let you know monday!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

boscastle and bude

The day was very overcast as we made our way to boscastle, it was blowing a gale and the rain started to pour down, but sue our daughter wanted to go to boscastle , so off we headed, packa macs at the ready!!
Boscastle has been totally rebuilt after the great flood of a few years ago, the building work in most places has now been completed and has been done very sympathetically being done in the same style as before. I remember there was uproar when the council were going to put in a modern bridge, but a change of heart due to local opposition was taken and the old style bridge was built.
As you walk out of the village you walk up the coastal path where a magnificent view awaits , we sat on a bench and watched the goings on of the little harbour for a while until the rain really came down so we headed to the nearest shop. We have been in all weathers to boscastle each season brings us something new to see.

The first two photos are from bude but i loved them both so thought i would put them in as well.

The beach huts looking out to sea

We were driving along on our way home
from boscastle heading home for bude
on reaching the crest of a hill we were
confronted with this most beautiful view
have not got a clue what this area is called
but we were all amazed! click on to enlarge
There were some surfers in the water a little
further along the beach

Now onto Boscastle
The old buildings are used today as
shops some a little bit touristy but
still worth a look at least they are being used
and not going into disrepair

Taken sitting on the coastal path bench
before the heavens opened. The walk takes
you way up onto the rocks if you choose to
but we thought it may be a bit slippery
that day, we have done a long 7mile walk
the views are spectacular

Again taken on the path but looking back
into the village this time

Similar view with the waves crashing on the rocks

Boscastle is still a working harbour today
you can see all the lobster pots

The fishing boats in the harbour
It was so choppy that day.
something about the sea that is quite
captivating especially when the sea
is rough watching the waves crashing

The sea wall has been rebuilt after the flood
but as you see it has been done really well
loved all the different coloured stone very

If you are in cornwall make a point of visiting boscastle you will love it, yes it is a bit of a tourist trap but once you are out of the village there are some wonderful walks you can do around there.
The shops are worth a look around but you can shop anywhere go for the views! Although there is a wonderful pottery shop there where every piece of pottery is different, we have bought a few lovely things there everything is made in the shop. He lost a good deal of his stock in the flood so it is great that he continues with his business today.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Royal cornwall show

One of my favourite things to do in early june is to go to the Royal Cornwall Show. The show is on a show ground with 1oo's of acres to walk around, our day begins there at around 10.30am and probably does not end until around 6.00pm, very tiring but worth every aching step !
This is the biggest show in the south west farming calender, farmers and public come from every part of the county and further in some cases to show their animals.
You can buy anything from a brand new tractor to an alpaca or a new B M W car to a baby rabbit !! the choice is yours. There is also a show ring where different things are always going in, this year we had a human cannonball LOL
My favourite places are where all the animal are, the piggy pens are the best they are so cute, then we venture into the cow sheds where you have to be careful of where you are treading LOL, the size of some of these animals are amazing, but such gentle giants.
Then we have the food and drink marquee , you can try different tasters smoked duck was superb , for lunch i had a fresh Cornish crab sandwich, tony had a gluten and wheat free curry, followed by fresh strawberries and clotted cream is your mouth watering now?
Anyway here are a few photos of the day.
An old gypsy caravan
In cornwall we still have steam rallys
quite alot the smell is great when they
are working

So much work is put into getting the

animals just perfect for the show, as you can

see this cow was having a blow dry to get it in

peak condition

Thought this was unusual , there are so

many different breeds of animal here

"All this waiting around has left me so tired i've

now fallen asleep in my water bowl"

My favouirtes the piggies Top and Tailed

They all seem so stressed out i don't think!!

A fine specimen, think this one
won first prize

Hope you have enjoyed the trip out, we did not buy that BMW or a rabbit but i did come home after having a really lovely day with some fresh homemade sausages, cornish potatoes and srawberries

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Beautiful story

Pictured: Two white tiger cubs find a surrogate mum...Anjana the chimpanzee Mail Online

I just could not let this go without posting it, my friend sent me this email from her daughter in america, but as you can see it was published by the daily mail as well. The pictures are sooooo cute.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Blogging one year on !

Yes this is me as a little girl!!

found it amongst mums photographs

My word cannot believe my blog is one year old today happy birthday!

So much has happened in that year, looking back at some old posts today i cannot help but be a little sad at the most most obvious thing that happened , losing my mum so suddenly, and our daughter having a miscarriage at the same time as mum passing away, april was by far the most terrible month of my life, but hey good things happened as well, going to turkey was a highlight, but the most important thing was having my eye operations last june, my it has made so much difference to my life, being able to see bus and train signs for example, and the airport used to be a nightmare with their high viewing screens, not any more YAY!! being able to see birds flying and the vivid colours of the spring flowers this year has been truly wonderful for me. I know in myself i have become a much more confident person due to the fact i can now see much better than before, i will be having a routine check up soon, so will see if i will be able to learn to drive but not expecting that really, but you never know!
It has been a pleasure to read all your different blogs over the past year and giving me support with all your comments. And for also giving me inspiration with all your photgraphs especially
trish and pete thanks guys!!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Wildlife and countryside of bude

Seems ages since i was there in bude only a few weeks ago though!
These were taken on my days out in bude and a couple were taken in stratton which is where i was dog sitting for the week. I was quite pleased with myself really for getting out and about not knowing the area that well , good old public transport was used quite a bit and very efficient they were to.
Along the canal which has been regenerated to a very high standard, you can now walk for miles , one way leads to the sea, the other takes you along the canal past a nature reserve i spent two afternoons walking along, took my lunch one day glorious weather sitting watching the world go by. There are also a few galleries and tea shops were an ice cream was purchased toffee and caramel yum!!

The lock still in use i may add there were many little boats moored along
the canal.

Three of my lunch companions

I loved this little house very serene i can imagine myself here
on a summer evening with the sound of the water and a glass
of wine!

Was really pleased with this one , again taken along
the canal

Tried to compare this one with the other pretty house on
the canal from before, i know which i prefer,
no comparison really! Old and modern

Another little friend, there were so many, all
basking on the grass then off they would go for
a cooling dip in the water.

I love this one, taken in stratton a few minutes
walk from the house, the colours reflecting in the sun
are really lovely.

The same stream taken from the opposite side of the road

Could not resist this one of Kayla how beautiful
is she?

Taken from the kitchen window they used to come every day
for breakfast and dinner

I was fascinated stood watching for ages instead of
getting breakfast or dinner!

I must admit i loved every minute of my little break, it gave me confidence to get out on my own for a change, you get out of the habit when there is always someone around, i shall be doing it more often from now on!! My friend said two days after i had left, veta my guardian angel for that week was found wondering up the lane Terry seemed to think she was looking for me aw bless, thats our theory and we are sticking to it, how great it is to be loved!!!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

one of my favourite songs

Such a beautiful song i love it a very powerful song i think.

I have been trying to get videos on my blog for ages and getting so frustrated with it, so finally with help from my personal blog adviser pete thankyou, at last i can do it LOL YAY!!!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Three lovely girls

As you can see these were my three wonderful companions for a week, they gave me such love and comfort , they seemed to know i was upset at times.

Holly, Veta and Kayla all different in their own ways but all gorgeous none the less!!

Holly in her younger days used to almost talk, They used to ask "who done it?" reply was an ooh ooh sounded quite funny. Veta the clever one and my little guardian angel for the week can open doors. Kayla just wants to have fun she a girlie girl.

Pictures a little grainy but click on them and they are much better!

Had a wonderful restful week in a little place just outside bude, just what was needed, will post some piccies of the countryside and a few more places i visited another time.

I will not be around for the next week as i am going up to see the family and spend time with the grandchildren, can't wait to see them and give them a great big hug .

Holly is now almost deaf but loved tony
playing his guitar, must have been the vibration
it's certainly not his playing LOL!

Veta, she was my favourite if i had to choose!
She liked for me to almost straddle her body
and loved to be stroked that way.

How can you resist those beautiful faces
when they wanted to play.

Again in the garden waiting to play

Watching tonys every move

Don't disturb me you can have the settee when
i've woken up!!

One seat left for me!

The most beautiful things in life cannot be seen
or even touched they must be felt within your heart.
Helen Keller

Those who do not now how to weep with their
whole heart do not know how to laugh either.
Golda Meir