Friday, 19 June 2009

Blogging one year on !

Yes this is me as a little girl!!

found it amongst mums photographs

My word cannot believe my blog is one year old today happy birthday!

So much has happened in that year, looking back at some old posts today i cannot help but be a little sad at the most most obvious thing that happened , losing my mum so suddenly, and our daughter having a miscarriage at the same time as mum passing away, april was by far the most terrible month of my life, but hey good things happened as well, going to turkey was a highlight, but the most important thing was having my eye operations last june, my it has made so much difference to my life, being able to see bus and train signs for example, and the airport used to be a nightmare with their high viewing screens, not any more YAY!! being able to see birds flying and the vivid colours of the spring flowers this year has been truly wonderful for me. I know in myself i have become a much more confident person due to the fact i can now see much better than before, i will be having a routine check up soon, so will see if i will be able to learn to drive but not expecting that really, but you never know!
It has been a pleasure to read all your different blogs over the past year and giving me support with all your comments. And for also giving me inspiration with all your photgraphs especially
trish and pete thanks guys!!


Pete said...

happy birthday.

aw cute!

Tricia said...

Happy Birthday blog Avalon - my goodness where did that year go?

As you say, J, you've been through quite a bit in that time, but it's a great outcome as a result of your eye op; achievement is sooo rewarding - well done! :D

Aw and thank you for your lovely comment about how you've been inspired by the pictures - remember - we all had to start somewhere and your journey has only just begun...

oldcrow61 said...

Happy Birthday on your one year of blogging. I've enjoyed reading it.

avalon said...

Pete: Thankyou :D

Tricia:Thanks for all the brilliant comments over the past year, and your photgraphs are brilliant!!

OC: Thanks, have really enjoyed reading your blog as well

Omi said...

Happy Birthday Blog! A one year old like my puppy (he was one on Saturday 20th. Did you sing to your blog? Go on, tell us the truth, I bet you did!