Saturday, 6 June 2009

Three lovely girls

As you can see these were my three wonderful companions for a week, they gave me such love and comfort , they seemed to know i was upset at times.

Holly, Veta and Kayla all different in their own ways but all gorgeous none the less!!

Holly in her younger days used to almost talk, They used to ask "who done it?" reply was an ooh ooh sounded quite funny. Veta the clever one and my little guardian angel for the week can open doors. Kayla just wants to have fun she a girlie girl.

Pictures a little grainy but click on them and they are much better!

Had a wonderful restful week in a little place just outside bude, just what was needed, will post some piccies of the countryside and a few more places i visited another time.

I will not be around for the next week as i am going up to see the family and spend time with the grandchildren, can't wait to see them and give them a great big hug .

Holly is now almost deaf but loved tony
playing his guitar, must have been the vibration
it's certainly not his playing LOL!

Veta, she was my favourite if i had to choose!
She liked for me to almost straddle her body
and loved to be stroked that way.

How can you resist those beautiful faces
when they wanted to play.

Again in the garden waiting to play

Watching tonys every move

Don't disturb me you can have the settee when
i've woken up!!

One seat left for me!

The most beautiful things in life cannot be seen
or even touched they must be felt within your heart.
Helen Keller

Those who do not now how to weep with their
whole heart do not know how to laugh either.
Golda Meir


Tricia said...

Now they are gorgeous girls indeed J. - sound like great characters too :D

All lovely pictures but I do like the two girls standing at the top of the step - posing!

Looking forward to your countryside pics and have a good time next week with your family; no doubt your grandchildren will keep you on your toes :)

avalon said...

Tricia: Think that is my favourite too, they seemed almost to pose for the shot. Yes i will certainly be kept on my toes , knees and everything else next week thats for sure LOL

Pete said...

maybe its his singing. similar sort of sound to a dog wailing ? ;)

oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful dogs. I love the picture of two of them looking so intently at what Tony is pointing at on the ground. Hope you have a great time with your grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

O my! What totally adorable doggies!

avalon said...

Omi: beautiful all three of them, and so well behaved too it was a pleasure to have them