Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Wildlife and countryside of bude

Seems ages since i was there in bude only a few weeks ago though!
These were taken on my days out in bude and a couple were taken in stratton which is where i was dog sitting for the week. I was quite pleased with myself really for getting out and about not knowing the area that well , good old public transport was used quite a bit and very efficient they were to.
Along the canal which has been regenerated to a very high standard, you can now walk for miles , one way leads to the sea, the other takes you along the canal past a nature reserve i spent two afternoons walking along, took my lunch one day glorious weather sitting watching the world go by. There are also a few galleries and tea shops were an ice cream was purchased toffee and caramel yum!!

The lock still in use i may add there were many little boats moored along
the canal.

Three of my lunch companions

I loved this little house very serene i can imagine myself here
on a summer evening with the sound of the water and a glass
of wine!

Was really pleased with this one , again taken along
the canal

Tried to compare this one with the other pretty house on
the canal from before, i know which i prefer,
no comparison really! Old and modern

Another little friend, there were so many, all
basking on the grass then off they would go for
a cooling dip in the water.

I love this one, taken in stratton a few minutes
walk from the house, the colours reflecting in the sun
are really lovely.

The same stream taken from the opposite side of the road

Could not resist this one of Kayla how beautiful
is she?

Taken from the kitchen window they used to come every day
for breakfast and dinner

I was fascinated stood watching for ages instead of
getting breakfast or dinner!

I must admit i loved every minute of my little break, it gave me confidence to get out on my own for a change, you get out of the habit when there is always someone around, i shall be doing it more often from now on!! My friend said two days after i had left, veta my guardian angel for that week was found wondering up the lane Terry seemed to think she was looking for me aw bless, thats our theory and we are sticking to it, how great it is to be loved!!!


Pete said...

cute doggy,

and a great spotted woody

avalon said...

She is so beautiful isn't she! woody was good to watch as well we had gold finches too but no photo of those.

Tricia said...

What a lovely post J and some good pictures. Well done on the swan pic, nice one; not easy with all that white!

It does sound as though you had a really peaceful time on your outings and - a little house, sound of water and a glass of wine, - sounds idyllic to me :). Hope you get to have lots more outings

Aw - isn't that lovely that Veta was looking for you....

avalon said...

Tricia: Thanks i am very pleased with the swan, i shall certainly continue to take more photographs cannot ever imagine to get to your or petes standard !! but i will carry on. can't wait to see the welcome i get when next i see the three beauties! i think i must have done a good job.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post and great photos. Course those beautiful dogs are missing you! I'll bet they've been dreaming about the lovely time they had with you and wondering when you're coming back! It's a special feeling isn't it - being missed?! And that little house, wow, can I join you for the glass of wine? I'll bring some roasted cashews and peanuts.

avalon said...

Omi: certainly is a great feeling when you have unconditional love!!!
I would be delighted if you would join me in that sweet house LOL Mmm cashews and peanuts!!

oldcrow61 said...

Seems like a lovely place to spend some time. Great photos.