Thursday, 27 August 2009

A week over or is it !!

The week with the grandchildren has been brilliant, but it may not be ending today after all.
Last night on our way home from being out getting the eldest grandaughters nose pierced (yuk) it was sanctioned by mum and dad by the way! the car showed a warning light on the dashboard, hubby took it in this morning to the garage, they seemed to have fixed it BUT twenty yards down the road the light came back on, back again and on closer inspection they have now said the cam shaft is nearly broken , not good , can't borrow another car as the garage will not let tony drive it out of the county so i think we will be stranded for another day, but that means i shan't have to say goodbye just yet to the young ladies in our charge. Best laid plans and all that!! Hey Ho.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Getting ready!

I promise it is there my heron, been seeing him on and off for two years around locally i now think he has a mate, i have been trying to capture a picture of him for ages, they were taken from our spare bedroom skylight so they are not very good but hey i got him or her finally, hope to get a closer view another time. It was one of those moments when you think nature is great and right on your doorstep.

Well next week we have the two eldest grandchildren with us for a week, off to pick them up today staying one night at sues then back tomorrow, can't wait to have them here and revert back to my childhood for a week going to take them to a theme park (flambards) yay i have a reason to go on all the rides. Please let the weather be ok fingers crossed, the eldest Amy wants to try surfing again and Jess bodyboarding so we will be in the water even if it is rainy, can't get much wetter can we LOL ! The beds are made their bag full of goodys are ready just need them here now bless em! probably shan't be saying that after a week.
So my overnight bag is packed my packet of malteesers are packed, my journey is never complete without the malteesers!!! And off we go leaving around 4ish to miss the traffic on the good old M25.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

carnivals and jazz in the park

Well it has been a funny week or so, been quite busy with the house trying to get the spare room decorated after the ceiling dipped when the men finished the roof!!! it looks great now it is all done, finally got hubby to get rid of an armchair that will fit nowhere except this room YAY it took some persuading i can tell you, got some new furniture wardrobe, chest of drawers and a bedside cabinate looks good now its all done.
Any way i digress. Here are some piccies of the jazz in the park at Pencarrow house which we went to last weekend and the weather all be it a little chilly stayed dry. Beautiful place will have to go back when its open, the gardens are lovely and full of colour. The jazz was fun had a boogie to keep warm and great atmosphere and good company thanks K and P and Josh

The wonderful grounds of Pencarrow

These were taken around 7pm you can see the shadows lengthening

Loved the vibrant colour of the hydrangeas

They have extensive grounds as you can see
all so well kept too

Would like to go back again to see more of the grounds

This is the house itself not to imposing or to grand

These next ones are from the St Columb carnival, great fun to watch and great fun to take part by the looks of things, our carnival week was ended by a big firework display on the recreation ground. It is a big event here it seems to draw the whole community together which isn't a bad thing young and old take part in different activities throughout the week.

The old carnival queens reunion it was so funny!

Everyone playing their part so well HaHa

They certainly had a sense of humour, click on to read it is quite funny!

A lot of thought went into the costumes

Great one for the kids how they walked all that way
in this costume is beyond me

The Lion the witch and the wardrobe was the theme

Brilliant eh?

Just some fun costumes

The band led the prosession off

Along with the steam traction engine, which is our neighbours son
saw us and sounded the horn jumped out of our skin it was so loud!

As well as all these activities i went to see Steve Winwood in concert he of ex cream, traffic,blind faith fame. Stood about five rows back so had a really good view did some good tracks old and new "higher love "being my favourite of the night. A good week even if it was a little hectic.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Happy birthday mum

Today would have been my mums birthday, as you can imagine it has been a strange day today not all bad i must admit.
But i can't help but miss her today i miss her laughter , her sense of humour but most of all her love!!
This was one of her favourite songs so


Friday, 7 August 2009

Out came the sun

Watergate bay

Well for the past couple of days the sun has come out makes everyone feel better to get out so we did i actually got to go in the sea today body boarding such great fun and great exercise.

Last evening we were at party in the park for part of carnival week here in St Columb, and tonight we are going with friends to jazz in the park at Pencarrow house so busy little bees we are at the moment. And finally tomorrow we shall see the final carnival parade in town , so hopefully will post some piccies after the weekend activities.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Lazy days of summer/Turkey part 2

Picture the sun, the blue sky and the beautiful green warm sea with the fish swimming all around you, this was the place! Xuma (zuma).
Our day started around 10am had breakfast and ordered our taxi we were meeting the others at xuma, arrived at the gates and we were greeted by a lovely young chap who directed us to the entrance where we paid our entrance fee 50 turkish lire which in english money is around £25 each, which seems a lot but believe me it was worth every lire. Found our chosen spot right on the edge of the water a tad cooler there! towels were brought out to us just time for a dip in the sea i think ah bliss! Then the other part of the family arrived just in time for a iced drink "i'll try the frozen kiwi" it was so refreshing. We read our papers and books along with a few more dips in the sea , by which time it was lunch, just choose from the menu we were told, i had chicken slow cooked with cinnamon, parsley and lemon served with rice, tony avocado and chicken salad! washed down with another frozen drink. The facilities were wonderful you could even go for a massage or indian head massage, we passed on that though. There was nothing left to do but to chill out again ! Time just flew by nearly time to go but just time for a glass of wine for sue and i chi(tea) for the others and frozen peach for tony. What a relaxing day bit expensive but worth it, we all enjoyed doing our own thing on that day.

Sue and i after our glass of wine just the one i promise!!
Love sues dress all summery and cherry like!

Just so relaxed the both of us, it was lovely to laugh about
nothing in particular

The turkish side of the family all reading their papers
this was a daily ritual for both of the men, they did come
up for drinks and food at some point though!
This was the view from the sunbeds

Tony and his frozen kiwi drink under the shade of the trees

You could not help but admire the view it was beautiful
and the sea was so calm that day and wonderfully clear
you could see many different little fish swimming

View from the other way looking towards the hills
You can see we had steps down into the sea

It was a superb day, one that we probably would not have gone too if we had been on our own, it is not well publicised in the tourist places and we were the only english people there that day. The day over we all crammed back into father in laws car for the short trip back to the hotel.
So thanks to all for making it a special day! Same again next year is it?