Thursday, 27 August 2009

A week over or is it !!

The week with the grandchildren has been brilliant, but it may not be ending today after all.
Last night on our way home from being out getting the eldest grandaughters nose pierced (yuk) it was sanctioned by mum and dad by the way! the car showed a warning light on the dashboard, hubby took it in this morning to the garage, they seemed to have fixed it BUT twenty yards down the road the light came back on, back again and on closer inspection they have now said the cam shaft is nearly broken , not good , can't borrow another car as the garage will not let tony drive it out of the county so i think we will be stranded for another day, but that means i shan't have to say goodbye just yet to the young ladies in our charge. Best laid plans and all that!! Hey Ho.


Tricia said...

Oh dear - not good news about the car J - let's hope they can get it fixed very quickly; but, as you say, the bonus is your granddaughters for an extra day.

I agree with your comment about the nose piercing though.....

Pete said...

i can hear the swearing :D

tell him to buy a sensible car

oldcrow61 said...

Happy to hear that you are having a great time with the grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

We had our two young granddaughter staying with us for 17 days - great fun, but they wore us out!

The Watcher said...

A lovely read...bad news with the car

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful blog!

So sorry to hear about your car. :( Wow - you got your granddaughter's nose pierced? Her mom said ok? WOW - when I was at the University, I got my belly button pierced, and when my mom found out, she was MAD.

Yes, Moonbeam is a fabulous dog, my Sasha girl is too, but she tends to be a background dog. Moonbeam always takes center stage - I call him a drama queen.

I'm glad you stopped by my blog, comments are always welcome.

Have fun with your grandduaghters!

avalon said...

Tricia: Well thge car was not as bad as expected, so we got back to essex with the girls.

OC: They were great and such good company.

Pete: T wants a new car a sports car!! LOL he will be waiting an awful long time for that!!

Angie: 17days you were brave, i can imagine you WERE tired out .

The watcher: Thanks for your kind comment. The car is not to bad now back on the road.

Jen: Thankyou so much, your blog is brilliant i will have to catch up with some more of it as the days go by.