Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Getting ready!

I promise it is there my heron, been seeing him on and off for two years around locally i now think he has a mate, i have been trying to capture a picture of him for ages, they were taken from our spare bedroom skylight so they are not very good but hey i got him or her finally, hope to get a closer view another time. It was one of those moments when you think nature is great and right on your doorstep.

Well next week we have the two eldest grandchildren with us for a week, off to pick them up today staying one night at sues then back tomorrow, can't wait to have them here and revert back to my childhood for a week going to take them to a theme park (flambards) yay i have a reason to go on all the rides. Please let the weather be ok fingers crossed, the eldest Amy wants to try surfing again and Jess bodyboarding so we will be in the water even if it is rainy, can't get much wetter can we LOL ! The beds are made their bag full of goodys are ready just need them here now bless em! probably shan't be saying that after a week.
So my overnight bag is packed my packet of malteesers are packed, my journey is never complete without the malteesers!!! And off we go leaving around 4ish to miss the traffic on the good old M25.


Tricia said...

Gosh - that's a fairly lengthy return trip in a couple of days! Know what you mean about the M25 - fiendish!!

I can understand your excitement J - it must be great to have them staying with you and, as you say, all those opportunities to indulge in things childlike :D

Hope the weather's kind and you get wet in the sea (rather than from above) Have fun!

oldcrow61 said...

Love the picture of the Heron, lol. Sounds like you're going to have great fun with the grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

We've just waved goodbye to our two granddaughters after having them here for 17 days. They were, of course, delightful, but it's sure good to have the house to ourselves again!