Tuesday, 18 August 2009

carnivals and jazz in the park

Well it has been a funny week or so, been quite busy with the house trying to get the spare room decorated after the ceiling dipped when the men finished the roof!!! it looks great now it is all done, finally got hubby to get rid of an armchair that will fit nowhere except this room YAY it took some persuading i can tell you, got some new furniture wardrobe, chest of drawers and a bedside cabinate looks good now its all done.
Any way i digress. Here are some piccies of the jazz in the park at Pencarrow house which we went to last weekend and the weather all be it a little chilly stayed dry. Beautiful place will have to go back when its open, the gardens are lovely and full of colour. The jazz was fun had a boogie to keep warm and great atmosphere and good company thanks K and P and Josh

The wonderful grounds of Pencarrow

These were taken around 7pm you can see the shadows lengthening

Loved the vibrant colour of the hydrangeas

They have extensive grounds as you can see
all so well kept too

Would like to go back again to see more of the grounds

This is the house itself not to imposing or to grand

These next ones are from the St Columb carnival, great fun to watch and great fun to take part by the looks of things, our carnival week was ended by a big firework display on the recreation ground. It is a big event here it seems to draw the whole community together which isn't a bad thing young and old take part in different activities throughout the week.

The old carnival queens reunion it was so funny!

Everyone playing their part so well HaHa

They certainly had a sense of humour, click on to read it is quite funny!

A lot of thought went into the costumes

Great one for the kids how they walked all that way
in this costume is beyond me

The Lion the witch and the wardrobe was the theme

Brilliant eh?

Just some fun costumes

The band led the prosession off

Along with the steam traction engine, which is our neighbours son
saw us and sounded the horn jumped out of our skin it was so loud!

As well as all these activities i went to see Steve Winwood in concert he of ex cream, traffic,blind faith fame. Stood about five rows back so had a really good view did some good tracks old and new "higher love "being my favourite of the night. A good week even if it was a little hectic.


Tricia said...

Pencarrow looks so beautiful and the light towards the end of the end gives such a beautiful "soft" look - lovely pictures J! I can why you want to explore further - the picture with the fountain in invites you to wander....

Carnival looked like fun. Sounds like a great week you had :D

(Sorry to hear about your dippy ceiling :( but it sounds as though it achieved something in the long run :) )

avalon said...

Tricia: Pencarrow certainly was beautiful and a different feeling at night time,our piccies did not do justice to the house at night. If you are ever in cornwall i feel a trip coming on:)
So pleased the room is now finished too :)

Tricia said...

I do like Cornwall J and would love to revisit. My grandson was born in Cornwall and I first "met" him in Gweek where my daughter was living t the time :)

Pete said...

pencarrow is nice. when i was there i had the guided tour to myself

avalon said...

Tricia: Well now the spare room is fixed theres a spare bed for you:) So your grandson is native cornish "lovely job" LOL

avalon said...

Pete: That must have been really great to have the tour to yourself, i am going back again thats for sure

Tricia said...

Aw J - that's so kind of you - thank you :D

oldcrow61 said...

It sounds like a wonderful time.