Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Lazy days of summer/Turkey part 2

Picture the sun, the blue sky and the beautiful green warm sea with the fish swimming all around you, this was the place! Xuma (zuma).
Our day started around 10am had breakfast and ordered our taxi we were meeting the others at xuma, arrived at the gates and we were greeted by a lovely young chap who directed us to the entrance where we paid our entrance fee 50 turkish lire which in english money is around £25 each, which seems a lot but believe me it was worth every lire. Found our chosen spot right on the edge of the water a tad cooler there! towels were brought out to us just time for a dip in the sea i think ah bliss! Then the other part of the family arrived just in time for a iced drink "i'll try the frozen kiwi" it was so refreshing. We read our papers and books along with a few more dips in the sea , by which time it was lunch, just choose from the menu we were told, i had chicken slow cooked with cinnamon, parsley and lemon served with rice, tony avocado and chicken salad! washed down with another frozen drink. The facilities were wonderful you could even go for a massage or indian head massage, we passed on that though. There was nothing left to do but to chill out again ! Time just flew by nearly time to go but just time for a glass of wine for sue and i chi(tea) for the others and frozen peach for tony. What a relaxing day bit expensive but worth it, we all enjoyed doing our own thing on that day.

Sue and i after our glass of wine just the one i promise!!
Love sues dress all summery and cherry like!

Just so relaxed the both of us, it was lovely to laugh about
nothing in particular

The turkish side of the family all reading their papers
this was a daily ritual for both of the men, they did come
up for drinks and food at some point though!
This was the view from the sunbeds

Tony and his frozen kiwi drink under the shade of the trees

You could not help but admire the view it was beautiful
and the sea was so calm that day and wonderfully clear
you could see many different little fish swimming

View from the other way looking towards the hills
You can see we had steps down into the sea

It was a superb day, one that we probably would not have gone too if we had been on our own, it is not well publicised in the tourist places and we were the only english people there that day. The day over we all crammed back into father in laws car for the short trip back to the hotel.
So thanks to all for making it a special day! Same again next year is it?


Pete said...

t paid £25? he feeling alright

avalon said...

Yes i know, good eh!! he even wanted to go back another day, must have been the sun getting to his head! LOL

Tricia said...

Oooh - I've got that picture firmly in my mind and can feel the warm sun on my back as I drift through the water....just a pity it's not for real - Lol. It really does look a wonderful spot to chill out in..

Sounds as though you had a really great day J and your chicken meal sounds so delish.......(groan)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect holiday! You look so happy and relaxed - I'm glad. And now a hole in your roof, lol, is it fixed yet? 6 sugars?! Blimey!

avalon said...

Tricia: Glad you liked the day out ! Yes the chicken was superb i must admit.

OMI: We were all very relaxed after that day did us all good th unwind. Yay the roof is fixed and with no signs of it leaking.

oldcrow61 said...

Oh my, it sounds like a wonderful day. Love the pictures.

avalon said...

OC: Thanks it was a great day

Linda - Gold Coast said...

Lovely photo's (especially of you and Sue). What a wonderful holiday. Pure Bliss.

avalon said...

Linda: Awe thanks my daughter and i are really close, she is my best friend too!!