Monday, 30 June 2008

Happy news

Where has the time gone again!
Heard some great news yesterday, my best friends daughter gave birth to a little boy jamie sam 6lb 9oz almost two weeks early but all fine, so i will be up in essex next week so will be able to see him ah can't wait.

We went out friday to a quaint old pub in bude with friends, there were 10 of us in the end, had a lovely meal we had heard the portions were large so just went for main courses, i had homemade steak and kidney pie yum and it was delicious and very large, tony had lamb, the choices were very good, tony is ceoliac, our friend is veggie and one very fussy eater so i think everyone was catered for very well. Meal over then the group played in this most tiny space, fiddle ,mandolin, 12 string guitar, bass,and mouth organ they were really good , not youngsters by any means but they played so well together traditional irish folk songs with a few requests thrown in, they played until nothing to pay for the entertainment it was a great evening, we then went back to our friends house for cheese and biccies finally got to bed at . Saturday had a late cooked breakfast then back home at around three then collapsed for two hours sleep, can't hack these late nights any more! good laugh though. We sang so much we now have sore throats.

Been watching glastonbury on tv, neil diamond was very good , amy winehouse was a joke, she needs some help, such a talent when she wants to be . It is a good way of seeing bands that you would not maybe go and buy a cd of. Sooner watch it on tv than to be there.
Tony and our daughter are off to watch neil young next sunday at an open air concert in kent good luck to them with the weather we have been having lately.
We have also got tickets to see K T tunstall at the eden project at the end of july, the atmosphere there is very good especially when darkness comes with all the bioms lit up it is quite an amazing sight, we also saw Peter Gabriel there last year. So you can see we love our music willing to listen to anything. Oh yes and an elbow concert in october. give them a listen they are really good.
Post some new york piccies soon

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

All clear!

The above picture was taken in new york in may from the top of the rockerfella centre at 8.30am you can see the buildings are fantastic . We had a wonderful time there will post a few more pictures another time, just really experimenting with the blog at the moment seeing how things are laid out. Our camera is a not a good one but it does the job. Really enjoying this blogging !

Had hospital appoinment and everything is fine and healing well, i can now start back doing things again, went back to work yesterday just a few hours, then probably back next week , then i am off up to essex to see the family the following week, can't wait to see the grandaughters , daughters and my mum who is now 82 so will be busy up there giving mum's house a spring clean. Will catch up with a few friends as well. Found a cheap flight from london to newquay and i mean cheap, one way it cost £1.21p amazing no taxes, only taking hand luggage as i leave clothes at mums, could not believe it!

As from next week i will start running again it has been a while, my friend has got us into a charity race in september not sure what for yet but it will be 10k so will really have to get started, looking forward to the challenge though gives you something to aim for, put on so much weight through not exercising so it will be good to start again, we go out in a group of 6 people all different abilities but kim and i are about the same , my record so far has been 5 1/2 miles so i think 10k is achieveable. The hills in cornwall are a killer especially where we are.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Another busy few days

Spent saturday morning shopping, so many people, i do try to avoid saturdays where at all possible.
We had arranged to be at my friends by 5.45 but tony in his wisdom thought he would try to get our holiday photos on dvd [new york] as a slide show so we could bore a friends that evening, the air was turnung blue uploaded new software took ages then it wouldnot do what he wanted after all that! he did manage to get it on but no slideshow by this time it was 4.35 he decided he needed a shower and a little rest before leaving ugh! he does try my patience at times bless him! finally left at 5.35 "oh are we late then?"men aye!
Had a great time and a good laugh ,our friends sister were there as well , so next friday we are off to bude to spend the night with them, going to a pub for a meal where they have live music so that should be good.

Today i have to go to hospital for my check up for my eye op, everything is fine so not expecting any problems, will then get the ok to start doing things again , will blog about my new found sight another time, all i will say it is amazing for me a new world is opening for me. Shame i can start doing the hoovering again drats! for the past two weeks i have had a little house husband he can't wait to stop hand things back, he has done well should give him some credit after my little moan about being late. Wish me luck guys will let you know tomorrow how things went

Almost forgot WELL DONE TURKEY on friday on the edge of my seat, please let them beat the germans on wednesday in the semi final PLEASE!!

Friday, 20 June 2008


Taken on a lovely walk around gunnards head near zennor at the end of april this year, the rock at the end is supposed to represent the gunnard fish, maybe? Our walk took about three hours all in all with a lovely lunch break at zennor, the climbs were a bit tricky at times but the views were amazing the colour of the water that day as you can see was beautiful.
Hey my first photo yay , will do some more another time hope you all like it

A great evening

Had a lovely evening last night, went to friends just down the road, we were celebrating their two springer spaniels 11th birthday, well that was our excuse anyway to get together. We had a three course meal and cheese started with homemade crab cakes, then pork cooked in cider with apples, pud was a brulee but only three ingredients double cream lemon curd and icing sugar it was divine, and in my case washed down with a lovely bottle of chablis, ariived home at 12.45 luckily i did not have work this morning but poor hubby did.
The two mentioned spaniels are great they are so well behaved, i actually dog sit when their owners go away on holidays, i love it next best thing to having dogs of my own, they are so affectionate love them to bits, their owners arn't bad either!

We are off tomorrow to friends at Launseston for dinner and maybe spending the night. These are my best freinds who we have known for 25yrs , they have only recently moved down last year so it is lovely for me to have them here it is great making new friends but you have history with your old ones, but then again you are making your own history with the new ones does that make sense? i know what i mean! There is always a special someone who you can rely on to tell anything and everything to and lynda is mine, we have been through so many highs and lows together, she is the sister i never had.

Early tea tonight got to get ready for the footy at 7.45 come on turkey, croatia are a good team , but turkey could just do it if they start well and not leave it to the 73rd minute again! it is good to have a team to follow especially as england did not qualify this time .

Thats it folks !

Thursday, 19 June 2008


After reading other peoples blogs for over two years i thought it was about time i did my own.
Thanks to my friend petehttp://thequaksoflife who helped with the setting up, being totally useless at these things a big thanks goes to him. Your a Star or is it starr!
Now i am finally here you somehow get lost for words but here goes anyway.
Cornwall has become our home being here 7yrs after living in essex for more than 25yrs it was a culture shock to start with, less cars less people small shops took a while ,but now here we certainly would not go back, it is now lovely to visit our family and friends and come back to the beautiful scenery , dartmoor one hour away and local beaches only 4 miles away , when i am more adept at this computer lark i will attempt to get some photo's on the blog may take a while though ha ha!
Been a funny week, our daughter gave us a surprise visit all the way from kent only told us the day before, fathers day and our anniversary, and i have had a eye op which will elaborate in another post, that was why she came, we had such a great weekend, weather superb and all so unexpected, Pete also was down so went out to dinner with him tuesday b b q monday with friends and daughter out tonight and out saturday, next week NOTHING always the way, but had a wonderful week.

Well first post over