Monday, 23 June 2008

Another busy few days

Spent saturday morning shopping, so many people, i do try to avoid saturdays where at all possible.
We had arranged to be at my friends by 5.45 but tony in his wisdom thought he would try to get our holiday photos on dvd [new york] as a slide show so we could bore a friends that evening, the air was turnung blue uploaded new software took ages then it wouldnot do what he wanted after all that! he did manage to get it on but no slideshow by this time it was 4.35 he decided he needed a shower and a little rest before leaving ugh! he does try my patience at times bless him! finally left at 5.35 "oh are we late then?"men aye!
Had a great time and a good laugh ,our friends sister were there as well , so next friday we are off to bude to spend the night with them, going to a pub for a meal where they have live music so that should be good.

Today i have to go to hospital for my check up for my eye op, everything is fine so not expecting any problems, will then get the ok to start doing things again , will blog about my new found sight another time, all i will say it is amazing for me a new world is opening for me. Shame i can start doing the hoovering again drats! for the past two weeks i have had a little house husband he can't wait to stop hand things back, he has done well should give him some credit after my little moan about being late. Wish me luck guys will let you know tomorrow how things went

Almost forgot WELL DONE TURKEY on friday on the edge of my seat, please let them beat the germans on wednesday in the semi final PLEASE!!


oldcrow61 said...

lol, I!!!

Jan said...

haha me too. I can't begin to tell you here about how long it took him to buy a loaf of bread and a box of apple pies in Tesco the other day......

avalon said...

see jan they just can't multi task can they bread and apple pies to much to think about.