Friday, 20 June 2008

A great evening

Had a lovely evening last night, went to friends just down the road, we were celebrating their two springer spaniels 11th birthday, well that was our excuse anyway to get together. We had a three course meal and cheese started with homemade crab cakes, then pork cooked in cider with apples, pud was a brulee but only three ingredients double cream lemon curd and icing sugar it was divine, and in my case washed down with a lovely bottle of chablis, ariived home at 12.45 luckily i did not have work this morning but poor hubby did.
The two mentioned spaniels are great they are so well behaved, i actually dog sit when their owners go away on holidays, i love it next best thing to having dogs of my own, they are so affectionate love them to bits, their owners arn't bad either!

We are off tomorrow to friends at Launseston for dinner and maybe spending the night. These are my best freinds who we have known for 25yrs , they have only recently moved down last year so it is lovely for me to have them here it is great making new friends but you have history with your old ones, but then again you are making your own history with the new ones does that make sense? i know what i mean! There is always a special someone who you can rely on to tell anything and everything to and lynda is mine, we have been through so many highs and lows together, she is the sister i never had.

Early tea tonight got to get ready for the footy at 7.45 come on turkey, croatia are a good team , but turkey could just do it if they start well and not leave it to the 73rd minute again! it is good to have a team to follow especially as england did not qualify this time .

Thats it folks !

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Jan said...

I put a curse on all the teams I wanted to win. France, Portugal, Sweden. Couldn't care less now lol!