Wednesday, 25 June 2008

All clear!

The above picture was taken in new york in may from the top of the rockerfella centre at 8.30am you can see the buildings are fantastic . We had a wonderful time there will post a few more pictures another time, just really experimenting with the blog at the moment seeing how things are laid out. Our camera is a not a good one but it does the job. Really enjoying this blogging !

Had hospital appoinment and everything is fine and healing well, i can now start back doing things again, went back to work yesterday just a few hours, then probably back next week , then i am off up to essex to see the family the following week, can't wait to see the grandaughters , daughters and my mum who is now 82 so will be busy up there giving mum's house a spring clean. Will catch up with a few friends as well. Found a cheap flight from london to newquay and i mean cheap, one way it cost £1.21p amazing no taxes, only taking hand luggage as i leave clothes at mums, could not believe it!

As from next week i will start running again it has been a while, my friend has got us into a charity race in september not sure what for yet but it will be 10k so will really have to get started, looking forward to the challenge though gives you something to aim for, put on so much weight through not exercising so it will be good to start again, we go out in a group of 6 people all different abilities but kim and i are about the same , my record so far has been 5 1/2 miles so i think 10k is achieveable. The hills in cornwall are a killer especially where we are.


Jan said...

£1.21????? Go on, you have to explain that one. What's the catch? You are strapped to the wings or something lol.

Jan said...

Oh sorry about your Turkey last night too. Bloody Germans! Exciting finale though, just caught the last bit.

avalon said...

Jan, the £1.21 was 1p flight then £1.20 for debit card, no catch! Just a special offer i guess, if you book early enough you can get some good bagains
Can't believe the germans did it again especially as the turkish played so well sob sob! they will be thrashed in the final whoever gets there.