Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Just a small post.

Hoping that you are up there with dad and all the family that we miss so much. Love and miss you always xx

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Mixed emotions

I have written the start to this post three times already. How do you start to say you have lost someone so close without it sounding morbid? you can't !
Mum passed away two weeks ago today. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions for myself and the family over those two weeks, we cannot even lay her to rest until the 29th april beacause of the easter break and the crematorium being fully booked, so i have come home to cornwall for a week just to unwind a little if possible, but it seems worse here not being with the girls!
Just had a phone call from the minister who will take the service so it brings everything back to reality again, seemed a very nice chap wonderful to talk to so that was some comfort.
Had to leave doing the post yesterday so i am trying again today. I think all the dreaded paperwork is now finished can't do anything else.
My one consolation is that mum died peacefully in her sleep in her own house and not in any pain, but it certainly does not ease the pain of her going she will be missed so much by us all.
The little routines you had when they were here like telephoning at a certain time, ringing to say we are home safe, did you see that great football match, silly things you would have said, i cannot believe i shan't be doing these things again.
Not sure if i want to be on my own or have people around me its such a strange emotional time at the moment, but i'm sure things will ease with time.
In times like these you know who you can rely on to always be there for you so all my love and thanks to my family and friends xx

Words are often inadequate to communicate all that we feel in our hearts

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Being a local tourist

This was a walk we did a couple of weeks ago on a saturday afternoon.
Our trip took us from home at St Columb Major to st Mawgan a 6 mile round trip, we decided to walk on road as the way through the woods would have been rather muddy, not such a pretty route but still well worth it.
The route is quite hilly at points so you really work your leg muscles. You take for granted sometimes where you live and not really go to the places close to home, we made it to St Mawgan not many people about nice and peacefull, this old chap with camera in hand advised us that the church was well worth a visit so we popped in, nearly got locked in as the door was very stiff slight panic thinking we may have to spend the night LOL spent some time there walking around the grounds very relaxing.
St Mawgan has won the best kept village in cornwall for two years running it is very pretty. Stopped for our chocolate bar and a drink then proceeded to make our way back home seeing all the wildlife on our travels the baby lambs were adorable i stopped there for ages just watching them play about. We stopped at our lacal farm shop on the way to pick up some fresh eggs they were delicious i made scrambled egg with smoked salmon for lunch when we arrived home, my little treat for doing the walk. Being a local tourist for few hours was really good especially seeing the church.

The fruits of our labour fresh eggs

Tony had to carry them all the way home!!

View of our local church at st Columb walking back home you see the church from every angle as you walk

"what shall we get up to next then?"

"Oh i think we should go and play over there" "but mum said no"

"com on then you want a fight"

Our farmer has a sense of humour, can you see
the welington boots stuck upside done in the ground! Click on to enlarge!

Taken in St Mawgan this stream runs
all the way from St columb Major

Taken in the churchyard in St Mawgan, quite strange ,
a little eerie i think!

St Mawgan in pydar church

"anyone for dinner then" they were all
tucking in to their lunch as we walked past


Learn to find joy in the simple things, the quiet things and the things which are free