Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Just a small post.

Hoping that you are up there with dad and all the family that we miss so much. Love and miss you always xx


Pete said...

thinking of you Jan

ShySongbird said...

From one Jan to another, I do hope you don't find this an intrusion, but I came across your site and was moved to leave a comment. I'm sorry to read of your loss, I have lost both my parents too and I know only too well what a dreadful time it is.

You picked a most beautiful song to mark what I'm sure is a very difficult day for you.

avalon said...

Pete: Thankyou so much for doing my post it meant so much to know you were going to do it how i would have wanted it. Perfect choice of video too. ((pete))

Shysongbird: Thankyou so much for leaving a comment, as you know only to well it is such a sad time. The song was one of mums favourited.