Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Royal cornwall show

One of my favourite things to do in early june is to go to the Royal Cornwall Show. The show is on a show ground with 1oo's of acres to walk around, our day begins there at around 10.30am and probably does not end until around 6.00pm, very tiring but worth every aching step !
This is the biggest show in the south west farming calender, farmers and public come from every part of the county and further in some cases to show their animals.
You can buy anything from a brand new tractor to an alpaca or a new B M W car to a baby rabbit !! the choice is yours. There is also a show ring where different things are always going in, this year we had a human cannonball LOL
My favourite places are where all the animal are, the piggy pens are the best they are so cute, then we venture into the cow sheds where you have to be careful of where you are treading LOL, the size of some of these animals are amazing, but such gentle giants.
Then we have the food and drink marquee , you can try different tasters smoked duck was superb , for lunch i had a fresh Cornish crab sandwich, tony had a gluten and wheat free curry, followed by fresh strawberries and clotted cream is your mouth watering now?
Anyway here are a few photos of the day.
An old gypsy caravan
In cornwall we still have steam rallys
quite alot the smell is great when they
are working

So much work is put into getting the

animals just perfect for the show, as you can

see this cow was having a blow dry to get it in

peak condition

Thought this was unusual , there are so

many different breeds of animal here

"All this waiting around has left me so tired i've

now fallen asleep in my water bowl"

My favouirtes the piggies Top and Tailed

They all seem so stressed out i don't think!!

A fine specimen, think this one
won first prize

Hope you have enjoyed the trip out, we did not buy that BMW or a rabbit but i did come home after having a really lovely day with some fresh homemade sausages, cornish potatoes and srawberries


Tricia said...

I don't think I've ever been to a show of that size. We have one in Surrey - the Surrey County Show; perhaps one day. Seems some of the animals found it a tad tiring! Lol

Sounds an excellent day out J; and oh - crab sandwiches - drool (I lurve shell fish.... and I really mustn't read your blog when I'm hungry!!)

And no baby bunnies to bring home? Probably just as well :D

avalon said...

Tricia: You should go it is a great day out. Thought the foodie bit would get you excited LOL