Thursday, 25 June 2009

boscastle and bude

The day was very overcast as we made our way to boscastle, it was blowing a gale and the rain started to pour down, but sue our daughter wanted to go to boscastle , so off we headed, packa macs at the ready!!
Boscastle has been totally rebuilt after the great flood of a few years ago, the building work in most places has now been completed and has been done very sympathetically being done in the same style as before. I remember there was uproar when the council were going to put in a modern bridge, but a change of heart due to local opposition was taken and the old style bridge was built.
As you walk out of the village you walk up the coastal path where a magnificent view awaits , we sat on a bench and watched the goings on of the little harbour for a while until the rain really came down so we headed to the nearest shop. We have been in all weathers to boscastle each season brings us something new to see.

The first two photos are from bude but i loved them both so thought i would put them in as well.

The beach huts looking out to sea

We were driving along on our way home
from boscastle heading home for bude
on reaching the crest of a hill we were
confronted with this most beautiful view
have not got a clue what this area is called
but we were all amazed! click on to enlarge
There were some surfers in the water a little
further along the beach

Now onto Boscastle
The old buildings are used today as
shops some a little bit touristy but
still worth a look at least they are being used
and not going into disrepair

Taken sitting on the coastal path bench
before the heavens opened. The walk takes
you way up onto the rocks if you choose to
but we thought it may be a bit slippery
that day, we have done a long 7mile walk
the views are spectacular

Again taken on the path but looking back
into the village this time

Similar view with the waves crashing on the rocks

Boscastle is still a working harbour today
you can see all the lobster pots

The fishing boats in the harbour
It was so choppy that day.
something about the sea that is quite
captivating especially when the sea
is rough watching the waves crashing

The sea wall has been rebuilt after the flood
but as you see it has been done really well
loved all the different coloured stone very

If you are in cornwall make a point of visiting boscastle you will love it, yes it is a bit of a tourist trap but once you are out of the village there are some wonderful walks you can do around there.
The shops are worth a look around but you can shop anywhere go for the views! Although there is a wonderful pottery shop there where every piece of pottery is different, we have bought a few lovely things there everything is made in the shop. He lost a good deal of his stock in the flood so it is great that he continues with his business today.


Tricia said...

Another lovely outing J but a pity about the weather.

That second picture is a stunning view - wonderful!

It's amazing, but the floods seem only like yesterday but they must have about 4 years ago. Nice to know that the restoration and building is nearly over!

I shall add it to my "must visit" list J - thank you for the tour :D

Pete said...

nice one jan. boiling here :)