Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Another year older!

As it is my birthday thought i would indulge in one
of my favourite places in cornwall.
These were taken a couple of weeks ago
The view is wonderful from the coastal path


Our little thoughts of the day:

Cherish your dreams, for if your dreams die
life becomes like a wingless bird

True friendships continue to grow regardless
of distance or obstacles


Tricia said...

A very Happy Birthday to you J

(and some great thoughts to go with your day too :D )

Pete said...

happy birthday sweety. hope you liked the card

avalon said...

tricia, thanks glad you liked the thoughts

pete, thanks i did like the card made me chuckle

oldcrow61 said...

Happy Birthday. I do like your thoughts for the day and I love the pictures of your favorite spot.

avalon said...

OC: thankyou for the wishes. Bedruthan is a wonderful place quite calming