Sunday, 1 March 2009

Birthday weekend part three

If birthdays can be like this i really don't mind how old i am LOL and it is not even the day yet.
Had a great day shopping and having a lovely pizza lunch yesterday, bought some new clothes very pleased with them, the morning started quite gingerly as sue and i both were still feeling the effects of the night before but by lunch time we were fine only fresh orange juice for me at lunch. Got home around 3.30pm to get ready for the evening as people were coming for drinks and nibbles at eight. Had my own personal hairdresser and make - up person to hand {thanks sue} had a fab evening everyone had a good time i think, got to bed around 1.30am it was a good night.
Today we went for a long walk on perrenporth beach to blow the cobwebs away, beautifully sunny all be it a little blowy, we walked for two hours , our legs were killing us afterwards but really nice.
Just about to have dinner now ooh more wine LOL . Birthdays are fun !


Tricia said...

I'm really enjoying your birthday J - cheers!

avalon said...

Tricia: Thanks i will send you some cake over the blog waves and a glass of bubbles how about that?

Tricia said...

Oooh yes please :D

oldcrow61 said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. I want cake and bubbles as well, lol.

avalon said...

OC: Cake and bubbles are sent to you too, had a wonderful time thankyou