Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Still here

As you can see i am now not in london after all! It could only happen to me, whilst having a great weekend with my friends dogs had a beautiful walk on saturday from hawkers bay to padstow three hours all in all {no piccies] had enough trouble trying to keep dexter from saying hello to everyone on the beach also he loves his frizbee so we were kept busy exhausted would be another word lol, then sunday went to our small local woods there were so many leaves that had dropped which had covered the ground and i stupidly fell and twisted my ankle on a tree root Tony said" one minute you were behind me the next you were on the floor in a heap" end of walk ! it blew up like a balloon and my foot the next day, doctor said it is not broken but badly twisted the tendens, so i am hobbling around at the moment, thought it stupid to even attempt the plane ride, really upset and of course had to break it to mum that i could not make it, think i will now go next weekend as it is our daughters 30th birthday then stay up the week after that is if nothing else happens to me!!! Good news i can now get some holiday pictures up of turkey.

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