Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Short time at home

I will be having a quick turn around from my holiday as i am back up to london early next week due to my mum not being well, it is such a worry being down here at times, she gets quite depressed and has now told me that she has got a bad rash on her back and legs, but has left it because she did not want to go to the doctors , but needless to say the thing has got worse, so made her an appointment for today and made her promise to have a district nurse come in if needed at least until i get there next tuesday. It feels like a role reversal of mother and child at times. Feel so guilty at times as we left to come to cornwall for a better life and there she is without us up there. Have ordered her a new motored bath seat so i will be there when that comes on wenesday and will have to do a complete clean of the house I am trying to persuade her to have a home help in twice a week i think i won, but she also doesn't like her routine disrupted but things are getting worse in the house, it is a shame that the government took away the funding for home help so she will have to pay privately.
Holiday over!! will try before i go to get some phots up on the blog this weekend.
Got my friends dogs this weekend so will get some overdue exercise which is badly needed i can tell you, over indulgence on holiday tut tut ! Be nice to get them down onto the beach they love it there then maybe the woods.


Pete said...

hope mum is ok.

avalon said...

Thankyou, bit worried about her i must admit

Angie Davis said...

I do feel for you with your mum. Sadly, as we get older our parents seem to become more childlike and need our care and attention. Guess it'll happen to us one day.

Hope to have you back soon with us in Cornwall, safe and well.

Best wishes,

avalon said...

Thanks angie, as you can see i never went, but thank you for your kind thoughts