Friday, 5 September 2008

Getting ready!

Busy busy, the turkish lire the travellers cheques are in my possession passports tickets case down from the loft clothes ironed one day of work left then were are off YAY!! "are we there yet" can't wait to get going now. This is the first time we have been to istanbul without our son-in-law and daughter so it will be a little strange without a translater , i have learnt a few polite words please, thankyou hello and how are you, turkish is so difficult as the alphabet is different , our hosts in istanbul speak very good english so it will not be to much of a problem language wise, apparently they have booked somwhere on the agean sea for a few days so we will have a little of both city and sea in our week away. I am hoping to go to the blue mosque again and a few other sights whilst we are there. Really looking forward to the culture the food and the people, they were so friendly toward us last time, meeting all the family is lovely it was great to see our son-in-laws home they are such nice people.
Just a little worried about leaving the cat, our neighbours are coming in to feed her twice a day so i know she will be ok and she does seem much better in herself but can't help but worry.
We leave on tuesday morning for our flight on wednesday staying in a hotel for one night.
Off to bude again tonight for another irish music night and a meal in the pub had a really good night last time.
Seems a time for holidays as quite a few of us bloggers are away at the same time so have a good holiday wherever it may be! Will probably post before we go. This time next week i maybe soaking up some lovely sunshine heard it was about 30degrees sorry everyone in britain for that bit of gloating just could not help myself!


Tricia said...

Jan - your holiday sounds so exciting - look out for a stowaway though :)

avalon said...

lol just booked an extra bag for the hold i will check before we fly though! Really looking forward to it

oldcrow61 said...

Sounds like you're going to have a wonderful holiday.

Yoke said...

hope you'll have a good time, over in Istanbul.
You can keep the 30Celsius. I'm happy with the high teens, preferably without rain and gales.

I almost ended up in Algiers for a film with an Algerian crew. I got sick however and the film had to be shot on time, so bad luck.