Wednesday, 1 October 2008


The first picture is of the train station amazing building in the evening people rush off the
ferry and all make a mad dash to the station to carry on their journey by train.

On our first day in istanbul we took a ferry from the western side to the eastern side

you can see The Blue mosque and Hagia Shophia, both such wonderful buildings even

from a distance they stand out. The Blue mosque being my personal favourite i find it

a very tranquil place to be , it seemed even more atmospheric when we were there as

ramadan was then taking place and there was a person chanting out prayers in the mosque

itself i am not a relgious person but here i felt totally at peace for the time i was in there.

It is such a beautiful city to visit very diverse in culture and architecture and the people are
so welcoming

This was a little snippet, what i want to try and do is get some sort of order to where and what day we went to the various places so a little more research is needed on my part.

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