Thursday, 9 October 2008

Surprise Surprise

It will be our daughters 30th birthday on tuesday Oh no my baby how old do i feel now !! anyway she is having a party on saturday the theme is we all have to come as her { those who know sue this will come as no surprise she has always been outgoing and bubbly} we have not told her we are going so it has been mad text messages to her friend to see if we can have a bed for the night, arranging things we will arive in the afternoon so i can give her a hand with things, reallt looking forward to it can,t wait to see her face. Had a text tonight from sue it said " getting really excited about my party but it won't be the same without my little ma and pa" little does she know he he!
I am going to stay up for the week after to see mum and grandchildren and our eldest daughter that will be nice especially after i had to cancel the last trip.


Tricia said...

Hope your daughter doesn't read your blog? LOL.

Sounds as though you're in for a real treat; I'm sure you'll have great time catching up with your family!!

oldcrow61 said...

How wonderful. I love these types of surprises. Sounds like you're going to have lots of fun.

avalon said...

Tricia, Really looking forward to it, she does not know about the blog!
OC, i love surprises as well, they seem even more special when you are close to that person. sue did me a great 40th party i did not have a clue about it until i walked indoors.