Friday, 2 January 2009

Reflections of 2008

Taken from our house a view of town and church when the snow was falling

My word another year gone already.

Good things, bad things happy things and sad all happened in one year, probably all these things happened to all of you in one form or another, but here are some of mine.

March: i was finally told i could have my eyes operated on after so many years of being told they were not operable i can tell you it was the most amazing thing for me to be able to see things so well , just to see things that other people take for granted truly wonderful.

May: My holiday to new york i finally got there after a year in the waiting, it was great and well worth the wait

Bought our first digital camera!

June: My best friends daughter gave birth to a son, it is wonderful to see him grow he is so gorgeous such a happy little boy.

Had my other eye op done what a difference that made as i could never see to much from that eye hey i can now !!

Started my blog , still really enjoying it

September: Another holiday to turkey, it was great to get some sunshine.

October: Our youngest daughters 30th birthday, great fun was had by everyone at her party where we were all dressed as her or what reminded us of her.

Went for a long weekend to dorset, such a beautiful county most impressed.

Not all things were so good but i guess you have to have some bad things happen to make the good things even more special.

Most worrying thing has been mum who is still in hospital but how will she manage when she does finally come home, such a dilema for me. an ongoing thing for this year.

It has been wonderful seeing my grandaughters growing up they are all special and give me great pleasure.

And all my friends old and new who each in their way have made this year special

And thanks to all you bloggers out there for sharing so many thoughts and photographs

Lets hope 2008 is a happy and healthy one and may all our hopes and dreams come true


Pete said...

happy new year sweety

avalon said...

Aw thankyou, happy new year to you too, hope you get all you wish for stay happy x

Tricia said...

Happy New Year and hope the good times are many :)

avalon said...

Happy new year to you tricia may you continue with your wonderful photgraphs

oldcrow61 said...

Happy New Year, hope you have a wonderful 2009.