Sunday, 18 January 2009

A little walk


Thought we would have a little walk today to try our new walking shoes which we purchased last week cost a fair bit but should be worth it our last pair lasted for 20 years!. Our little walk took us to watergate bay the sun was shining but the wind was so biting we did not stay to long, but we noticed that the sand had been washed away in many places leaving so many rocks and stones everywhere, in view of all the activities they have at the beach like kite buggying i doubt if they will be able to take place unless something is done to even out the beach.
We have both been under the weather this past week or so sore throats and colds so we just needed to get out for a while in the fresh air it certainly blew the cobwebs away! At least we have not got the full blown flu that some people have had touch wood

Hubby also bought some new BOSE speakers for the dining room they are quite small and fit on the wall so they don't look to obtrusive which was my compromise so we had a musical evening last night to test them out, we played david gray "white ladder" Pink floyd "dark side of the moon" and VAN THE MAN MORRISON " common one" the remastered version that sounded really great.


Tricia said...

The sea looks lovely J - deceptive picture I know, for this time of the year - brrrrr.

Fingers crossed your new shoes will last as long as the others - it's sad when something you've used for so long, finally has to be replaced - sigh!

Pete said...

the only way Van M will sound good is if the mute button is on

Anonymous said...

What the sea washes away in one storm it often puts back in the next, so those kite buggyists shouldn't have to wait too long.

Pink Floyd AND Van Morrison! Wow, what a night!!

avalon said...

Tricia:Quite agree about old things those shoes had molded to my feet LOL Must admit i love watergate bay ecpecially when the tide is out you can walk for ages

Pete: that wasn't nice now was it, VAN can sing to me all night if he wants! even you admited he is a wonderful songwriter

Angie: Glad to know that the beach will return to its natural beauty!