Thursday, 14 August 2008

Cornish news

A most horrible smell greeted the visitors to the eden project whilst walking in the tropical dome this week, the most smelliest flower called the corpse flower gives off the aroma of rotting flesh, the flower stands at 7ft tall and comes from Sumartra, it only blooms for three days then wilts, it bloomed in january as well, after the guy in charge polenated the berries with a paintbrush inside the heads. Nobody will be trying of the berries as they are deadly to humans.
what a wonderful diverse world we live in!

Has anybody been watching the Lost land of the jaguar on bbc 1 it was the last one last night just a superb programme worth the tv licence alone well done the bbc, it brought the whole place alive for me the camera work was amazing at times, i think some good has come out of the programme as the Guyanese government are now saying they will not start logging the rainforest it will hopfully get carbon credits and financial help from other governments instead, the untouched world will remain untouched.


mick said...

Hi Avalon, this is a return visit and I really like your blog. I especially enjoyed the photos you have of Cornwall. I visited there a long time ago (well its over 30 years ago now!) and it was sure a beautiful place.

avalon said...

thankyou mick: cornwall is beautiful glad you got to see it. We were in australia in 1999 sidney and adelaide where my other half spent most of his growing up years it is such a wonderful place can't wait to get back again! Love your blog by the way.