Thursday, 21 August 2008

Oh for some sunshine

Thought we would have a little sunshine i grew these last year you can see how much they grew it was great going into the garden in the morning and seeing them made the start of the day happy. Trying to grow herbs now but with not to much success oregano and bay doing well.

Penny pussy cat update, seems a lot better but still not there yet.
Took the two springers out yesterday to the local woods they loved it it was really muddy just right for shona she was covered, wish i had the camera both of them were filfy still nothing a little water does not shift. felt good afterwards glad i went was tempted not to go as the weather was not to good but the doggies enjoyed it.
Tony has four days off from tomorrow so maybe we can get out and about and do something this weekend, weather permitting of course, but as blogger angela says "you have to make the best of it whatever the weather" so we will take her advice and just get out .
Looks like another run tonight in the rain! got to think of the black trousers i can't fit into for my holiday to turkey note to self I WILL DO IT I WILL GET INTO THEM IN THREE WEEKS!!!
Well all have a good bank holiday expecting lots of photos from you all.


Anonymous said...

Marjoram is growing well here, but I managed to kill off the basil. What I really need is a recipe that uses weeds - they're doing fantastically!

Love the sunflower. We used to grow them by accident when the kids had hamsters - a lovely bloom just where they (or more usually I) cleaned the cage.

oldcrow61 said...

Great to hear that Penny is feeling better. Sunflowers are wonderful, like rays of sunshine, bright and beautiful.

avalon said...

angie: no what you mean about the weeds basil seems to want a hotter climate than here i think!
Oc: thankyou, my sunflowers must have brought out the cornish sunshine today been a lovely day here

mick said...

Love the sunflowers! My basil has all died off now too but then it is mid-winter here. Parsley is doing OK and mint is taking over!