Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Porthscatho to Towan beach

View taken on thecoastal path from towan beach to porthscatho

This shows how small the crops have grown this year, that is our rucksack in the foreground to give some perspective of size

Just a beautiful view with all the different colours of the sea

This was a cottage garden on the coastal path such hard work and care had gone into it it looked stunning

People messing about on their, it was the regatta the next day boats in the harbour

A good view of the harbour at porthscatho
We had a lovely day here took a walk up the coastal path to towan beach took us an hour load of butterflies flora and fauna so beautiful and peaceful it is one of my favourite places to go in cornwall, had a few spots of rain but it stopped by the time we reached our lunchoen destination the beach and the sun came out YAY! it was great having our packed lunch watching the sea headed back to the harbour for a drink where a band were playing so had a 1/2 there, luckily we were nearly back to the car as my walking shoe fell apart the sole came away from the bottom so walked like a demented duck with it flapping all over the place. Left home at 11am got home at 6.00pm ended our day with a bottle of wine in the garden great day!


Pete said...

is that sun I seen jan???

avalon said...

yea don't faint, it was beautiful that day

mick said...

Beautiful photos. I especially liked the 3rd and 4th with the sea colours and the cottage garden. Interesting to see some of the same flowers that are in my garden and will flower in a few more months.

avalon said...

mick: thanks, we have got quite a warmer climate down here in the south west more so than the south, amazing to think all those thousands of miles we have the same things growing!

Anonymous said...

It's a glorious walk from Portscatho to Towan Beach - so glad you enjoyed it. I have fond childhood memories of staying with a friend in Gerrans and exploring the area. In those days you could even get a ferry from Percuil to Falmouth. That used to keep us out of mischief all day!

avalon said...

angie: glad it brought back happy times for you, those memories last a lifetime don't they

oldcrow61 said...

Beautiful scenery. I like the cottage garden.