Monday, 18 August 2008

Another week comes around

Just loved the atmosphere of
this picture

Beautiful sunset taken on one evening from our house last year
The colours were wonderful

Well the computer is behaving at the moment so it may be staying after all.
Had a lovely relaxing evening last night it was nice dinner on our lap in front of the tv, watched Britain from above, all about east anglia, my home before coming to cornwall, evoked quite a few memories as a child going out for the day with my mum and dad when Harlow was all fields and having a picnic, it all seemed so far away from the east end where i grew up it was the countryside to me, i think it must have been around 1962/3 nice to think of happy days, sorry i digress, it was nice just to have a relaxing evening after the night before. Rounded off the evening with match of the day 2 perfect, my two fantasy football players did well Deco and Anellka so a good few points were earned my name has changed to the "Squaking Seagulls"

Looking out of my window at the moment and it is looking awful again, had some quite high winds as well and lots of rain, will we ever get some sun !


Tricia said...

Jan - some great pictures there with some impressive colours.

Sounds like a good day yesterday and glad to hear that your PC is behaving itself - long may it do so :)

oldcrow61 said...

Wow! Beautiful shots.

Pete said...

my father remembers when Harlow wasn't there! before your time tho!

very atmospheric pics

avalon said...

Thanks all ,touch wood the computer stays ok
pete: glad the comment at the end "before your time tho" was added or you would have been in trouble lol