Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Favourite songs and concerts

YouTube - Marc Cohn+Jackson Browne {1992}

I am so pleased i can now upload videos from the net, thanks to my own personal blogger help desk PETE !
Got to thinking of all the concerts i have been to over the years, Jackson browne being one of my all time best concerts ever been three times now he sings with such passion and feeling, whilst browsing i came across this with marc cohn who i have also seen, he litterally made me cry at the concert with a song called "things we handed down" i will try and find it at some point, but for now click on the link and listen ti "crazy love" a van morrison written song


Pete said...


not quite right when you go into Youtube copy the bit from the embed line and then paste it into your blog

that way people can click on the link and here the music and stil read you.

we saw Marc Cohn together didn't we? very good. Jackson Browne was good.

trying to think what my fave was.

avalon said...

Pete: thanks for the info will give it a try!
Never saw Marc Cohn with you, i would have remembered because you would have taken the mickey out of me crying! We did go to a couple of great jackson ones though at the albert hall i think