Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Oh hell!

Panic stations, saw a dark mark appearing on my kitchen floor not a good sign! on lifting up the lino oh my god a big leak from the newly fitted dishwasher, i had a new kitchen fitted in april , so the pipework must be dodgy somewhere, must have been leaking for a while i think , the floor will need replacing and maybe a cupboard luckily we had not got new flooring, the guy who fitted it can't come till monday but rang the kitchen company directly and they are coming out this morning at see what needs to be done why does nothing ever go smoothly these days urgh!

Not sure i will be taking my trip next week, got this really bad throat again, off to the docs later hoping they will give me some antibiotics, tony went on monday with the same thing, we just can't seem to shift this virus we have had since coming back from new york, brings you down after a while . I shall be so upset if i can't come up to see everyone, have not seen the two oldest grandchildren since the end of febuary, still may feel better by saturday, be positive!


Tricia said...

Oh dear; sorry to hear you're suffering with your throat and leaks Avalon!

Feeling of deja vu here; when having my "refurbishments" done to my kitchen earlier this year, I had a leak from the washing machine into the cupboard under the sink.

Hopefully all is well with the dishwasher now since your "man" came to fix it?

Jan said...

Hope you manage to shift your bad throat. I had the cold from hell earlier this year, kindly given to me by my friend via her grandchildren. It took weeks of coughing my lungs up and feeling awful, the longest I'd ever had one I think. Really gets you down in the end I know.

Pete said...

you seem to attract water. thinking of brentwood!!