Saturday, 5 July 2008

Stayed at home

Well decided to stay at home after all, thought it would be rather silly to go to essex , very disappointed not to see the daughters, grandaughters and mum but would not have enjoyed it, i will now probably go up in a few weeks time.

Not long to go for the last episode of Doctor who tonight so it is dinner on my lap in front of the tv. Did anyone see the drama Criminal Justice last week on bbc 1 ? I thought it was very good and well writen, and the casting of the charactors was excellent. Did not show our police in a very good light or the prison service for that matter, a good watch though .

Maybe post after Dr Who


Tricia said...

Sorry you've had to cancel your trip but hope you get up to see your family very soon.

I've just watched Dr. Who - and ended up in tears!

avalon said...

tricia, thankyou get there in a few weeks. not you as well i'm glad i am not the only one excellent stuff the special effects were really good and a good ending i think?!

Tricia said...

I think it was a good ending but that's one of the reasons that Dr. Who is so watchable isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love Dr Who, been a few episodes since you wrote this post though, lol! Just found your blog and am reading it from the beginning. I used to live in Cornwall (Falmouth). I now live on the Isle of Wight which is quite similar in lots of ways.