Monday, 28 July 2008


Just got computer back again, it was over a week at the place, couldn't complain to much as it was done through work, so it was all payed for, result! It is so much better and a hell of a lot quicker so i am now hoping that it is back for good. Going to take me ages to catch up with whatever everyone else has been doing whilst i have been away from blogging.

A lot has been going on here as well, i have joined a fantasy football team just going to choose my team today should be fun , decided my team will be called THE CORNISH CHOUGHS so wish me luck , quite looking forward to it. The weather here has been wonderful we have been out and about a lot will update that at some point later.

Tony is at the hospital today having an endoscope and a camera [being crude here] up the other end as well poor thing at least he is being put out for the both things, he went to the loo 25 times through out yesterday , we think that all this is a routine check as he has ceoliac desease and they do these procedures every 18 months so not expecting anything bad to appear. Still a bit anxious for him never a nice thing to go under anesthetic , be waiting for the phone to ring this afternoon on tenterhooks! Our friend took him this morning and will pick him up later, the afore mentioned friend is also starting our kitchen tiling today so he will be back soon. Catch up again later bye for now


Tricia said...

Hi Avalon and good you are back again - fingers crossed the PC continues to behave itself.

Sorry to hear Tony is having to endure these examinations - not v. pleasant I would imagine.

Like your name for your Fantasy Football Team - very appropriate :)

Pete said...

what footy league? I do

avalon said...

thanks tricia, Tony back safe and sound now all ok can relax now!

pete: www.jumpersforgoalposts just one that our friend had suggested to me very small and only ten pounds to join, prizes for top manager and so on, have not chosen my team yet going to have a go tomorrow!

Jan said...

Sorry to hear about Tony. I have had both of those done, no anaesthetic for me though! Glad he's ok.

oldcrow61 said...

Happy to hear you are back on line. Those examinations Tony has don't sound very pleasant.

avalon said...

Jan: you were brave no anesthetic! caught up with your blog loved the ski run looked great fun.

O.C. Tony is fine now thankyou.
Computer ok still a few hiccups but getting there gradually.