Thursday, 3 July 2008

It never rains but it really pours!!

Decided to sleep in the spare room last night, did not want to keep hubby awake with my coughing and spluttering, just got to sleep at 1.30am then awoke to DRIP DRIP DRIP oh not again this time the roof was leaking , so at 1.30 i was moving the armchair getting little pots to catch the water black bin liner to save the carpet, did hubby awake NO! t it did stop after a while but could not believe it water water everywhere! finally got to sleep sometime. So we will now have to get a person in for that. wasn't my day yesterday was it?

On the kithchen front it wasn't the dishwasher but a faulty pipe behind the cupboard, the chap has done that but it needs for the cupboard to come out and the pipe tightened up some more and the floor to dry out, but it has ruined the floor covering so will see if we can get some compensation on that, but at least the leak has stopped.

Seems all doom and gloom at the moment sorry, doctor said i have a really bad throat infection so i am on 8 antibiotics a day for 5 days to see if that will clear it, i had said that this was going on since we got back from holiday on and off apparently these things can take months to shift gee thanks makes you feel a whole lot better i don't think! See how i feel tomorrow then decide if i will go to london or not maybe the tabs will kick in by then.

Happier sight today the sun has finally come out in cornwall , all the windows open get some fresh air in the house, so i think it is time for tea in the garden

Will post again if i am here if not will try when i am up in essex next week . Happy blogging everyone x


oldcrow61 said...

Sounds like you're having a rough time of it. Do hope you get better quickly. Tea in the garden...sounds delightful.

Toffeeapple said...

Poor you, water leaks must be the worst things in a home. I live in fear of them, you have all my sympathy and I hope that it gets fixed very soon. Have a big hug -((())).