Sunday, 4 October 2009

Brrrrrr who turned the teperature down!!

Well arrived back on friday night and was greeted by my daughter with a lovely smile and a hug, she had text earlier in the day " i know you don't want to come home you two shirley valentines but i am really looking forward to seeing you" made me smile! spent the night at her house then made our way home to cornwall on saturday after a lovely lunch at Toys Hill in kent (home cooked ham egg and chips). My friend dropped me off at Launceston and Tony picked me up from there. So we had a great run back only 4hrs from kent, unlike our trip up which took nearly 7hrs the dreaded M25 again, got caught in a bad accident where everything just stopped for over an hour and half so frustrating and tiring.
Had a super holiday our hotel great and the food really good met some lovely people so if you are reading this now P and M i didn't write anything bad LOL we hit it off straight away which was great we met up in the evenings and had a good laugh and a gossip!! such good company so thankyou both! In fact we are all meeting up with our respective daughters in december!
We did not do all we had planned but we certainly made the most of our week there in Sorrento and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves from the moment we arrived to the time we left.
Just chilling out today in more ways than one its blooming freezing after being in temeratures of the high 20's sitting here typing with my jeans and two jumpers on brrrr. Will get some pics up during the week it was so beautiful can't wait to share the sights. Shame we can't get smells over the blogs because they were fantastic too lemon, orange and olive trees i can smell them now.


Tricia said...

Wow - sounds as though you had a great time and I can't wait for the pictures.

You're right about the scents of Italy - something I wish we could put in a bottle and bring home!!

And yes - very very cold by comparison eh!

oldcrow61 said...

Sounds like you two "Shirley Valentines" had a great holiday. I've seen that movie three times and could watch it again. I expect it did seem cold after you got back but won't be long before your body adjusts. Looking forward to the pictures.