Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Pasta, Pizza and Pompeii

My case is packed and i am ready to go to Italy on friday!!
My friend and i are off to Sorrento for a weeks holiday, been planning this for a while but only booked it last week due to my friend having a foot operation, which i can report was a great success and she got the all clear last week.
We will be doing a couple of trips whilst out there one being Pompeii and one to the island of Capri, with maybe a boat trip thrown in. This is our hotel just about a mile outside of sorrento, seems a little more quiet than some we looked at in sorrento itself , apparently overlooking the Bay of Naples and Vesuvius . Although the weather does not seem to great at the moment over Italy we are hoping for at least a few days of good sunny weather. Fingers crossed!!
We will drive up to my daughters tomorrow and spend the night there, that way we will be the right side of the dreaded M25 we can then make our way to Gatwick after the morning rush hour. We are parking at my friends sister-in-laws so no airport charges either!
It shall be great not to have to think about cooking as eating out is one of my favourite things to do in Italy (or anywhere for that matter!) you can sit and people watch ,even if it is just sitting with a lovely cappachino or ice cream. Mmmm i can just taste that ice cream now.
It will be an adventure i'm sure Lynda and i are not known for our sense of direction at the best of times LOL we even managed to get lost in a car park once that is another story!! Our families do get a little worried i think but we are big girls now and can look after ourselves JUST!
So Bonn voyage people for a week or so. The camera and charger are packed in readiness!


Tricia said...

OH J - what memories your impending holiday brought back. I stayed in Sorrento many years ago and visited Vesuvius, Pompeii, Naples and Capri. Sorrento is a lovely town and so is the Amalfi coast - wonderful views.

I took a bus ride along the Amalfi coast for the equivalent of 50p and the scenery was dramatic!!

You'll find the Italians are extremely friendly; and especially the men with two ladies travelling together - you have been warned.

Have fun and enjoy the Italian cooking and icecream; and I look forward to hearing all about your exploits on your return.

oldcrow61 said...

Hope you have a great time in Italy. Wish I could come with you, sounds like fun.

avalon said...

Tricia: We are hoping to do the same bus trip as well!! sounds wonderful! Glad it brought back some memories for you. LOL about the men can't wait !!!!!!

avalon said...

OC: Thankyou for the wishes. If you can fit in my overpacked suitcase you are welcome to join us !! xx

Pete said...

as i type this i KNOW you are enjoying yourself

Linda - Gold Coast said...

It's sounds like you are going to have a ball. Looking forward to hearing all it your adventures. Hope you manage to find your way back home!! Have a safe and wonderful trip. Linda xoxo